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Bandai Zentraedi Battle Pod (Regult) 1/72 scale

May 23, 2023 · in Sci-fi · · 15 · 0.6K

Hello again, I present you with my from my all time favourite childhood , . This was another study in the use of chipping medium and weathering. The build was OOB, and the base is scrap wood from my garage and a mishmash of weathering supplies.

Help me get better - tell me how I can improve.


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    said on May 23, 2023

    I think it looks great, I really like the weathering. I'm a huge "Macross" fan, I first saw "Robotech" when I was 13, I have many model kits, mostly of Variable Fighters.

    One thing I want to do with mecha kits is include something on the base - a person, a wrecked vehicle, or rubble - to give a sense of scale, of how big a Zentraedi war machine is.

    • Thank you Anna-Elizabeth! My original plan for the base was a bit more ambitious - I wanted to show some rubble and broken buildings to represent that initial attack on Macross City in the first episode, but them I ran out of time and (courage) because I ended up having a deadline in order to be able to take it to a show. Maybe the next one...

  2. Excellent finish and weathering, looks great. Really well done.

  3. It already looks excellent, Ramon! You have amazing modeling skills.
    I agree with Anna-Elizabeth, you may include stuff in the base to add more diorama flavour.

  4. Chipping and weathering looks perfect, Ramon @anvil6
    Well done.

  5. Looks to me like you have painting and realistic weathering down cold @anvil6. That's some very good work you're displaying here.

  6. Like the others have said, the painting and weathering really make this model, Ramon.

  7. @anvil6 - Great work Ramon. The only thing I can think of that may add another level of realism would be scratches to the lower legs in the direction of travel as though the mech had moved through 'stuff'...

  8. Great job!
    May I ask the colour used for the “blueish”? Thanks.

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