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Eduard 1/48 Tempest II

May 19, 2023 · in Aviation · · 26 ≡

A trio of 's successful . Eduard re designed the wings and engine cowlings to accommodate the changes from Tempest V to II variants, The result is a much better engineered model. It has less deep seems to cover that compromise in the process finely detailed surface areas.

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26 responses

  1. A wonderful trio, Rafi!
    All are excellent!

  2. Thank you Spiros!

  3. Yeah, the Tempest II kit really is highly awesome. You've definitely gotten the most out of what's in the box.

  4. A very nice set of Tempests, Rafi @blackmopane
    All equaly beautiful.

  5. Rafi, I always thought the Tempest II was a marvelous looking aircraft and therefore I really enjoy seeing well built models of them as we have you've done. All of them look really nice.

  6. Thank you Terry

  7. All three are beautifully built, but if I had to choose I Iike the NMF one most.
    Very nice pictures too, Rafi!

  8. Thank you kindly Alfred

  9. Beautiful trio @blackmopane
    It’s a fine selection of schemes, each one with sharp details and paintwork.
    I have the “lightning” almost completed but the bolt has been on “adjustments” for awhile. I can see you got that one without fuss 😉

  10. Thank you Pedro,
    the "lightning" is a challenging paint work. I painted red first. Then, made the pattern on a masking tape simply by copying from the outline decals.

  11. Great models of a terrific looking plane, Rafi, did you build all three together or one at a time?

  12. Thank you George.
    I build my models one at the time to linger the process as much as possible.

  13. Great work on all three Rafi- you have definitely set the standard very high for anyone wishing to build one of these aircraft! The one with the lighting is particularly eye catching!

  14. Great work! I’ve built a couple of them myself. I never get tired of looking at a Tempest. Shouldn’t be to long before we have some “real ones” back in the air.

  15. Wow - that is a beautiful trio! Love the paintwork and all the schemes are excellent.

  16. Impressive standard throughout. That first one is a stunner - lots of subtleties to savor. Great work, Rafi!

  17. Thank you kindly Tim

  18. The perfect trio Rafi. All of them so well finished. Mr Eduard would be proud to see such a standard of modelling on these pages. Excellent 👍

  19. Thank you kindly Guy

  20. Well done, X3 !

  21. Thank you Gary!

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