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Trimaster 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8/R8 Rammjäger

June 26, 2024 · in Aviation · · 24 · 354

190A aircraft modified to tackle the Flying Fortresses bomber streams in the daylight were named "Sturmbock" (Rammjäger) suggesting ramming capabilities during attack.
One of the counter Fortresses measures was a back firing rocket. The "founder" of detailed Luftwaffe models , issued a Sturmbock at some stage of their short business duration. It is a challenging build. Yet, it offers detailed (stiff) photoetch and white metal parts.

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  1. Excellent job on the challenging Trimaster kit and really interesting version, Rafi!

  2. Lovely build Rafi. A hard task there and you have done it superbly.

  3. Wonderful job overall. The very striking red cowl catches the eye so much that I had to force myself to look at the rest of the great camouflage. And a backward firing rocket! I have not heard of that, but then I have not read much about the Defense of Reich special weapons.

  4. Nice work, Rafi. The DML repops of those kits featured hard silver colored PE that wasn’t fun to work with. It was either stainless or nickel.

  5. Yours is a courageous build excellently executed, Rafi. I wonder just how much clearance that rocket had when it fired and how accurate the rear aimed weapon could be. Nevertheless, you've produced a real showpiece. Congratulations!

  6. Very nice! Love the red on that bird. I'm also having a hard time seeing how that backward-firing rocket doesn't hit the Fw...

    • Thank you Greg.
      These Werfer-Granate 21 rockets, also known as the BR 21 could be launched from a distance of 1 km keeping the fighter safe from defensive fire and had a large blast radius. Front shooting accuracy was 15% and back shooting was probably close to 0.

  7. Despite being a challenging kit, it turned out wonderful, Rafi @blackmopane
    I was not aware of this variant of the 190. Very interesting.

  8. The markings you’ve chosen really catch the eye. Great build!

  9. Very nice work on this and a great result.

    For anyone building one of these, the solution to the Major Problem - that the fuselage and upper wing will not meet properly because the fuselage is mis-molded to be narrower - is at the point you are going to join the wing and fuselage subassemblies, cut a piece of sprue and stick it in the fuselage just aft of the cockpit tub, to push the sides out. Test fit the two subassemblies to be sure you have it right.

    • Thank you Tom.
      Indeed, the spacers do the job. Yet, there are other problem areas.
      The solution to this Trimaster/Dragon/Italeri mold is to buy instead the newer Eduard Wurger variants. Less hassle there.

  10. Nice job, Rafi (@blackmopane). This kit has a reputation for having a few challenges, but you have mastered them perfectly. Paint scheme came out really well.

  11. Looks awesome Rafi - great looking model and well done 🙂

  12. That's a good looking Sturmbock!

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