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Lukgraph's Rumpler 6B.1 in 1/32 scale

July 8, 2024 · in Aviation · · 15 · 199

Hi, guys... this seaplane fighter design is one of my recent builds and is produced in resin, with 3D-printed parts and some PE items included as well. The build is relatively straightforward, although care really has to be taken when aligning the lower wings and ensuring the floats don't look like someone standing on the outer edges of their feet! The latter was quite difficult to supress, and given the tight fit of the outer float struts to the underside of the lower wing, I had imagined that that would help in keeping the floats resting flat on their undersides.

I ended up having to take things apart and starting again with the lower wing, and as a tip, if you're building this model, it might be worthwhile considering whether or not to raise the protruding lower wing supports upwards slightly, in order to assist in achieving the three degrees of dihedral needed; I replaced the metal rod provided in the kit for this purpose with brass rod and after making that adjustment, things were able to be better aligned.

As ever with a resin kit, and especially a floatplane, the model becomes increasingly heavy after attaching the floats so some care in manoeuvring the model thereafter will be needed. All struts have openings at either end for the insertion of brass stems, and a length of same is provided with the model for this purpose. Internal and external detail is very good and although the transfers are thin and useable, I felt the crosses were fractionally out of register in some cases and these were replaced from spare items left over from a Wingnut Wings kit. The naval hexagonal lozenge is part of the contents of the box, but try to ensure you don't make too many mistakes as you'll soon go through the sheets provided... ask me how I know! 🙂

All in, it's a lovely kit when finished and I'm pleased to have this one added to my collection. The unit is unknown but a photo exists showing '1051' apparently photographed at Zeebrugge. As ever, a video exists of this build on my YouTube channel, and can be accessed direct using this link -

Thanks for looking in, and I hope you enjoy the admittedly photo-heavy content.

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15 responses

  1. Really impressive result, Paul @paulh
    The linen effect, the rigging, the details, all as is performed very well.
    Well done.

    • Thank you, John... I appreciate your comments. I Like the lozenge transfers as well, with their linen effect. Very similar to the Aviattic offering, although Aviattic's are darker and slightly smaller; both are very good, though, and compliment each other.

  2. @paulh - this is an amazing piece of work and really beautiful result. Lots of talent on display,.

  3. Hi, Tom... thank you for your kind comments. A few frustrating issues, some of my own making, but ultimately this is a very nice kit. Thanks for looking in... ;-).

  4. Another Paul Higgins masterpiece! So much talented work put in this challenging build.
    Congratulations, Paul!

  5. Beautiful build

  6. Spiros/Rick... thank you both for your comments. I'm pleased you like the outcome of this build... :-).

  7. That's a great model. Your hard work shows.

  8. Beautifully done. As one who has dragged a couple of resin biplane jobs over the finish line, I think I understand what you have been through. The struts are the best., especially when there are no or wrongly marked locator marks. I also get how heavy they can be. Excellent assembly and painting on this.

  9. Beautifully executed!

  10. John, Bill & Chas... thanks for your comments. Much appreciated... :-).

  11. That is one very well presented model, love the fabric and rib shading. Haven't had a go at a resin kit, let alone a float plane, I shall approach that day with caution and study your build videos.

    • Hi, Ian... thank you for your comments. I'm sure you will do a good job when that day arrives, and hope that we may see the fruits of your work here on these pages... :-).

  12. Your models are simply works of art. Very inspiring for me. A joy to watch. I'm making one model from Lukgraph right now, so I hope to get at least a little closer to your design.

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