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Hello. My name is Jordyn Collier. I am a sophomore in highschool, I am 16 years old, and I am in Air Force JROTC. I plan on joining the army as an infantryman (air force was the only ROTC). I live in Arizona, and many of my favorite activities involve the outdoors. I got into modeling at a young age, and I think I have improved. I’m also a history buff of sorts, as I was given way too many fact books when I was younger haha. I believe that the hobby is one that anyone should be able to participate in, all skill levels and types of people. When I see people “rivet counting” a build made by a new member of the hobby, it kills me. This has actually happened to me a few times, being told my builds were bad, using my models as “prime examples of what not to do when building a model”. So since then, I’ve tried to improve. And since I’ve been improving, I’ve begun to help others as well. I still firmly believe that this hobby should be a parent-child experience, and I will show my kids this hobby when they are old enough. Alot of people on this site have been so helpful and supportive, and I would like to offer a huge thanks to them. Should you read this, you know who you are. Thank you so much.

My First Spitfire

This Spitfire is an Airfix kit. It is 1:72 scale. As this is my first spitfire, I customized it a bit. I combined two paint jobs that I REALLY liked. I first painted it silver. I thought it looked plain and simple, and I didnt really like it. So[...]

The Russian KV-1 and 2

This model is a KV-1 tank with the optional KV-2 turret. This build was a small, quick one. Working nonstop after school (after homework of course) really allows one to release stress. I took your guys' suggestions from my last post and made a [...]

My first post: P51 D Mustang

Hi guys. My name is Jordyn Collier. I am new to this site, and I am 15. This P51 D Mustang was flown by Col. John D Landers during the second world war. He was a part of the 84th Fighter Squadron, and he received 36.5 confirmed kills, 14.5 of wh[...]