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German Submarine Type XXI

At the beginning of 1945 with type XXI Germany had the most advanced submarine in the world at that time. Due to numerous technical innovations it was capable of unlimited submerged travel as the diesel engines drew in the necessary fresh air th[...]

Zundapp KS 750 with sidecar

After building the tiny INDIAN 741B I wanted to try another motorcycle but a bigger scale. So, I got me an ITALERI kit of the Zundapp KS 750 with the sidecar scale 1:9 and boy was it bigger. Still, a fun kit to build with lots of detail and part[...]

Sweden Strv 103C MBT

I find this tank fascinating. The low profile and turretless design just appeal to me. My build might be classified as a ‘What if..’ as most of the models I have seen has the distinct splinter camouflage as used by the Swedish armed forces. I pa[...]

Happy wife, happy life

I know this is probably not the forum for DIY arts and crafts, but none the less I would like to share this model I built for my wife’s birthday. I wanted to build her something, but as she has no interest in tanks or aircraft, I had to come up[...]

Us military motorcycle INDIAN 741B

So, I found this motorcycle kit from Thunder Model in scale 1/35 and thought to myself that I can build that, after all, I have built tanks in that scale. :-) The model was way smaller and fiddly then I expected and after completing it decided t[...]

Amazon’s Pet

I painted this model from Cellar Cast back in 1998. It is sculpted by the artist Steve West after a painting from Boris Vallejo. The model is from 1995 and I also have another Vallejo sculpture from Steve West, -the Primeval Princess from 1994 [...]

M3 lee

This is my take on the M3 LEE. The kit is from TAMIYA and it comes together very well. That said, I’m not too happy with the result. It might be the wrong weathering or color as it did not come out as good as I hoped it would. Any ideas?

Outpost in Libya, fall 1941

So I ended up building a diorama for my Sd.Kfz. 222 Leichter Panzerspähwagen but it needed something more than just the 222. As I already had the FLAK 37 anti-aircraft gun on my shelf, I decided to use that as it had some nice figures as well. [...]

Sd.Kfz. 222 Leichter Panzerspähwagen

Information from the TAMIYA instruction manual; “In the early 1930s, under weapon restrictions enforced by the Versailles Treaty, the German army was limited to using Kfz.13 armored vehicles. However, based on the chassis of an Adler passenger v[...]

Steampunk aircraft

As I’m a bit reluctant to venture into the complex world of aircraft modelers I decided to start small and got this small 1:35 resin kit. It is probably a pirate copy as the kit arrived with no instructions of any kind. It took a lot of cutting[...]