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Starfury launch bay

This is the old Revel Babylon 5 starfury kit. I wanted to make a nicer stand for it than the kit offering and, anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up with a scratch built launch cradle and bay. The kit has a few modifications including [...]

That’s no moon!

Hello all. This project is a completely scratch built model of every bodies favourite weapon of mass destruction, “The Death Star”. The model is constructed in a similar way to the actual studio model for ‘Starwars episode 4 a new hope’. I used [...]

Flash Gordon Rocket ship

Hello all This model is the ‘Flash Gordon rocket ship’ from Fantastic Plastic. This model is based on the Flash Gordon movies from the late 1930s (so very retro sci fi) The kit is all resin and is fairly easy to put together although there is a [...]

Imperial AT-AT

This is the imperial ‘giant robot space camel’ (or AT-AT) kit from Bandai. The kit is really nice and fully possible. I painted it in a combination of tamiya paints, oils and pigments. I wanted somthing other than a snow scene so scratch built t[...]

Babylon 5 alien cruiser

Hello all This model is the Alliance models resin kit of the Brakiri heavy cruiser from the classic sci fi series Babylon 5. It is quite a big model standing nearly 12 inches tall. The kit has relatively few parts however fit is a bit of an issu[...]

A panzer going for a walk

Hello all This is the 1/72 E75 heavy panzer kit from modelcollect. The kit is built straight from the box and the base is scratch built. Pretty sure this is an alternative history or conjectural design as, other than it looking cool, I really c[...]

TIE interceptor

Hello all This is the Revell snap together TIE interceptor kit. I added cockpit details such as seat straps and consoul switches as well as a scratch built base and an R2 unit to fix the battle damage.