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Building since about 1954. My Father was a builder & u-control flyer & got me started. Moved to Indy from Cincinnati when I was 10. We left over 200 built models on my walls & hanging from the ceiling.
Married for 43 years with one 40 year old child who is a first responder.
Will start anything that strikes my fancy. Finishing it is another matter.

1957 Ford

I seem to be finishing automotive kits lately. This is my latest. It is a 1/25th scale Revell 1957 Ford done as a mild custom using the nostalgia approach. All emblems & handles have been removed. It is lowered using blocks in the rear &[...]

Aston Martin Ulster

Finally finished something. This is the type of build I will work on while building more involved kits. It is a 1/32nd scale Matchbox kit circa 1975. The Ulster was developed by Augustus Bertilli . It had a 2 year racing history as a factory en[...]

Work Truck

I showed the boxes for the original kits which are considered collectors items and priced accordingly. I did not use these kits but combined a later release of the roadster with a resin repop of the panel delivery body from a company called "Rep[...]

Love It or Hate It

Whatever you attitude Nascar season is back over here. This is one of my two ever Nascar builds. I tried to get some shots of the interior & as a result the images did not come out too well. Seems harder to photograph small stuff than build [...]

Model Police

This was a jab at some of my fellow IPMS members and it worked. The kit is a Revell Tom Daniels show car in 1/24 scale which is currently available. The figures are all pre-painted & the two on the truck came with the kit. All decals came wi[...]

Panzerhaubitz 2000

Or PzH 2000 to it's friends. This is a 155 mm self-propelled howitzer. Developed for the German army. It is also used by Italy, Netherlands and Greece. It has a maximum range of 35 km for standard rounds & 40+ km with assisted rounds. It has[...]

Mouse Rod

Some of you might be familiar with the term "Rat Rod". These are bare bone hot rods in various forms of construction or destruction. Mine is a Mouse Rod because it is somewhere around 1/32nd scale as opposed to the 1/25th scale used most often b[...]

Braille Scale Challenger II

OOB build of British Challenger II. 1/72nd scale. Nato scheme is free-hand airbrush with mild weathering. Antenna are paint brush bristles. It's hard to beat Revell of Germany armor in this scale.

Wedell-Williams Air Racer

Jimmy Haizlip's 1932 version of the Jimmy Wedell design. 1/32 Williams Bros. kit which is currently available. I chose the easiest of the three versions available in the original kit, don't know if they are all available in the current kit. If m[...]

1957 Chevrolet Mild Custom

This started out as a two door sedan. All emblems have been shaved, hood smoothed, chassis given a lower stance & insert applique between chrome removed. Engine is a big block 409, wired & cooled by a photo-etch electric fan. Paint is [...]