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Building since about 1954. My Father was a builder & u-control flyer & got me started. Moved to Indy from Cincinnati when I was 10. We left over 200 built models on my walls & hanging from the ceiling.
Married for 43 years with one 40 year old child who is a first responder.
Will start anything that strikes my fancy. Finishing it is another matter.

Cruise Missle ?

This is a conversion from AMT's 1961 Ford Starliner to a Sunliner using "Replica & Miniatures of Maryland's" conversion kit. This kit consists of the convertible boot, rear seat doglegs & sunvisor. The builder needs to cut the hardtop's [...]

Flak 88

Here is the nemesis of a lot of the aircraft posted here. It is an original release Bandai 1/48th scale kit that came with figures & transport carriage (not shown). These were exceptional kits for their day. There was a whole series of diff[...]

Public Service Announcement

I wouldn't normally post an in progress build here but this one needs to be shown so anyone else contemplating this kit will know what they are getting into. This is the Revell 1st rerelease of the Renwall "Military Wrecker" circa the late 50's [...]

Lobster Anyone

This is a March 83G that campaigned in the IMSA GTP series from '83 through '85. It was sponsored by Red Lobster. The kit is white metal made by a company called Bam. 1/43rd scale. All of 4 1/2" long

Uss indianapolis

Won't go into this heavy cruiser's history as most people using this website are familiar with it. The kit is the Matchbox 1/700th scale built back when it was the only show in town. Box stock with the exception of the radar screen which is PE. [...]

The Mighty Duesenberg

This is a representation of an SJ with a LeBaron dual cowl phaeton body. It is the original Hubley version of this kit. 1/18th scale combination metal & plastic parts. All major body parts & engine block are metal & screwed together,[...]

Super Cobra

This is the Academy 1/35 AH-1W Super Cobra. Built OOB. Went together fairly easily. The cockpit glass could have fit better, should have posed it open. Even though the pictures don't show it the finish is rather grainy. Can't remember what paint[...]

Well, Part of it Flew

This is a Iraqi Hussein SS-1C. It was developed in Russia as the Scud B. Iraq started with that & added a auxiliary rocket. The missle fired from a vertical launch position. The kit is by Arii. It is 1/48th scale but is still 12" long. It is[...]

Airfix Oldie

This is a Vickers Vanguard in 1/144 scale. The Vanguard was the next evolution of the Viscount. It was deveolped to meet a requirement 100+ passenger seating. According to Wikipedia It entered into service in 1960 & the last one retired in [...]

Again, Something Different

This is a Hasegawa Jaguar XJR-9LM in Silk Cut markings. It is what the car guys call a curbside kit which means no engine. The secondary colors are all decals except the purple on the nose is a Humbrol color match to the purple decals. Thanks fo[...]