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Building since about 1954. My Father was a builder & u-control flyer & got me started. Moved to Indy from Cincinnati when I was 10. We left over 200 built models on my walls & hanging from the ceiling.
Married for 43 years with one 40 year old child who is a first responder.
Will start anything that strikes my fancy. Finishing it is another matter.

Another Airliner

Here's another Western Pacific billboard airliner. Minicraft 1/144 737 withn Daco decals. I'll let you figure out who the livery represents. Built OOB. I used so much acrylic clear on it I floated one of the stencils loose.

My Only P-47

This is my only remaining "Jug". The others have left the building in one way or another. These are 2 Hasegawa 1/72 kits. They are mounted on telescoping tubes so they can be dismounted when traveling. The trees were borrowed from the railroad g[...]

Luftwaffe F-104

This is another kit I built because I liked the markings. 1/72 Hasegawa F-104. Pretty much OOB. Only thing to watch for is a step when mating the front section to the rear of the fuselage. I'd recommend gluing the front sides to the rears, then[...]


This is a Monogram Speedi-Bilt model my father built some time in the early 50's. I can remember from about '54 on & I don't remember him building this so it must have been before then. These kits were plank balsa & acetate. As you can s[...]

A Little Shiney

This is a Monogram 1?24th Packard Phaeton. Built OOB. Spray painted with enamel paint from the little Testors bottle. If I remember correctly I was paying 5 cents for the when I began painting my models. This whole series of Monogram classics is[...]


This is one of the few Axis aircraft I have built. I'm not much of a historian, I just build what's in front of me, so if anyone can fill in the blanks jump in. It is a 1/72nd Revell of Germany kit.

March Random Winner

Thanks to the person with the magic fingers who pulled my name from the hat. This is the Eduard Fw190D11 1/48th Weekend Edition. It is a well molded kit with decals & stencils for one aircraft. As per the Weekend theme there is no photo-etch[...]

Martin B-10

Thought I'd make post before leaving for the IPMS Region IV Regionals at Dayton, Oh tomorrow. The B-10 was the US Army Air Force's first all steel monoplane bomber and went into service in 1934. This is the Williams Brothers 1/72 kit. Box stock [...]

Don’t Kick Me Off

Finally got weather good enough to get out in the sunshine to take pictures so I decided to post another shiny thing. 1/24th Tamiya Porsche 911GT1. Completely box stock. Great kit. Awsome decal sheet.

General Doolittle’s Ride

1/32nd Williams Brothers kit of the Gee Bee. Built many years ago. Painted by "rattle can". Scallops were laid out with homemade stencils. Pinstripes were done using a french curve & draftsman's pen. Typical WB kit. Bit of a challenge but ca[...]