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I Made lots of models as a kid and in trying to make my 16 year old interested in doing the same started up again ! As to why, I think to keep a place where I can go to when I am preoccupied and find peace for a few moments and acquire new skills ( plastics ! )

My father was a fighter pilot in the 50 ies. flying SV-4 , Harvard in training then went to the US when the newly formed NATO sent cadets to train both in the USA and Europe then .T-33 and F-84 in the BAF. upon becoming a commercial pilot he flew just about anything starting with DC-3; 4 ;6; 7 caravelle, B-707; 727;737; F-27 , DH-twin Otter and more. My Brother, over the North Sea with S-58 and Westland Sea King for 30 years. Now he trains flight engineers for NHV , one of the worlds largest private helicopter firms .

All i ever did was to jump put of planes (C-130 ) i participated in Operation Red Bean. Now that is another story altogether...

The Belgian army museum in Brussels has one of the worlds best aircraft displays. There are more than 8 types displayed there that my family flew with !

Monty’s caravan Vintage Matchbox 1/76

In trying to complete a few “ under way “ kits I had to get this one completed first as I started it in spring time of this year with numerous put asides as the small scale made it difficult to realise . Let alone mount and pre-paint [...]

Unusual California museum anything normal in California Anymore anyways ? A few weeks ago I met up with a friend at Moffet Field in Sunnyvale California. I tought to share on imodeler some of the unusual artefacts one can see there This place may be on your [...]

Matchbox 1/76 “ Memorial Day “ 3 Bloods and a Priest “

May 31 is Memorial Day in the US. One of 2 Federal Hollidays honouring the Armed Forces. In Light of that, and not having posted for a while I thought to show some of the really small Matchbox kits I have been dabbling in between trying [...]

Trials and tribulations of 2020

2020 is clear vision. So, don’t look to close at the 3 models I was able to complete this year ! Lessons learned in modeling as a new beginner on this awesome Supportive website. Keep the box you kit came in and look at the box art [...]

Making a simple turnable for your models.

In all the trials and errors, ways and means of modelling. One has to find Methods to be be able to stabilise your kits for paint, rigging, decals etc. And spin them around w.o. touching the plastic. I had a set up up that worked OK but [...]

The “V” weapons of Nazi Germany. V1

As time elapses and moves into he future mercilessly, the various preservation efforts Of the artefacts of War in France, Belgium And the Netherlands seek to remind us that even though the machinery and Weapons May look cool they were in [...]

The Lockheed binge works

Fellow modellers . Upon Returning from a 4 month work project I found myself building Or restarting 4 Lockheed plane models at once ! A curious thing ! this is perhaps owing to the fact that some Models kits that are under way get put [...]

Pacific coast heritage museum Santa-Rosa

The Pacific coast air museum in Santa-Rosa Ca, just reopened last Wednesday. The only air museum around here to do so during this epidemic. I was nearby after seeing my car mechanic then cruised up there during another extremely hot [...]

A visit to the castle air museum

After being holed up since mid March and only leaving the house to go to work or go shopping , Father’s Day ( USA June 21 ) Presented an opportunity to get out and do something personal for the one day that I can set the agenda. It was [...]

Organizing the hobby space

To all stuck at home and between working for and creating income we are all in the same boat, or plane or tank. Enclosed . In trying to maximise the thickness of my wallet for model acquisitions I took on the task of organising the many [...]