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I Made lots of models as a kid and in trying to make my 16 year old interested in doing the same started up again ! As to why, I think to keep a place where I can go to when I am preoccupied and find peace for a few moments and acquire new skills ( plastics ! )
My father was a fighter pilot in the 50 ies. flying SV-4 , Harvard in training then went to the US when the newly formed NATO sent cadets to train both in the USA and Europe then .T-33 and F-84 in the BAF. upon becoming a commercial pilot he flew just about anything starting with DC-3; 4 ;6; 7 caravelle, B-707; 727;737; F-27 , DH-twin Otter and more. My Brother, over the North Sea with S-58 and Westland Sea King for 30 years. Now he trains flight engineers for NHV , one of the worlds largest private helicopter firms .
All i ever did was to jump put of planes (C-130 ) i participated in Operation Red Bean. Now that is another story altogether….
The Belgian army museum in Brussels has one of the worlds best aircraft displays. There are more than 8 types displayed there that my family flew with !

The Lockheed binge works

Fellow modellers . Upon Returning from a 4 month work project I found myself building Or restarting 4 Lockheed plane models at once ! A curious thing ! this is perhaps owing to the fact that some Models kits that are under way get put aside unt[...]

Pacific coast heritage museum Santa-Rosa

The Pacific coast air museum in Santa-Rosa Ca, just reopened last Wednesday. The only air museum around here to do so during this epidemic. I was nearby after seeing my car mechanic then cruised up there during another extremely hot day. It is [...]

A visit to the castle air museum

After being holed up since mid March and only leaving the house to go to work or go shopping , Father’s Day ( USA June 21 ) Presented an opportunity to get out and do something personal for the one day that I can set the agenda. It was to be c[...]

Organising the hobby space

To all stuck at home and between working for and creating income we are all in the same boat, or plane or tank. Enclosed . In trying to maximise the thickness of my wallet for model acquisitions I took on the task of organising the many paint po[...]

ICM Tupolev-2

Hello members of this craft. Here is another tryout on techniques with this ICM Tu-2. It was part of a lot I bought. One I did not anticipate building so it became a skillbuilder kit. First time using an airbrush, wrong spray distance and pressu[...]


Fellow modelers ! I’m pursuing this craft after a Hiatus of over 40 years , having to learn the new methods and techniques, experimenting with acrylics paint, diminishing eyesight etc..and several test pieces before embarking on what I would rea[...]


Well,this kit was admired by me since the early 70ies. I never got it cause Airfix was easy to get, Revell kind of exotic American. No one else made a condor at that time.Thanks to eBay I got the Revell 1/72 scale FW-200 condor last winter. Orig[...]

Panels and rivets

Hi to all seekers of detail in our models. In starting up again in model making , this since my childhood and teenage years ! I have been awed in the level of detailing that one can do now having pushed the rendering to such realism that it begs[...]

Wurzburg radar

At the Atlantic wall museum in Raversijde Belgium. This German radar is the only one known to be mounted on a railroad flat car and was used, like many others in the emerging field of radio telescopy after WW2 . This is the type that prompted t[...]

Renault tank FT-17

The worlds first modern tank at the armistice clairière in Compiegne France. The museum was remodelled in 2018 and features a most interesting display on the surrender of the imperial German army on November 11 1918 that ended WW1 and the subse[...]