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I Made lots of models as a kid and in trying to make my 16 year old interested in doing the same started up again ! As to why, I think to keep a place where I can go to when I am preoccupied and find peace for a few moments and acquire new skills ( plastics ! )

My father was a fighter pilot in the 50 ies. flying SV-4 , Harvard in training then went to the US when the newly formed NATO sent cadets to train both in the USA and Europe then .T-33 and F-84 in the BAF. upon becoming a commercial pilot he flew just about anything starting with DC-3; 4 ;6; 7 caravelle, B-707; 727;737; F-27 , DH-twin Otter and more. My Brother, over the North Sea with S-58 and Westland Sea King for 30 years. Now he trains flight engineers for NHV , one of the worlds largest private helicopter firms .

All i ever did was to jump put of planes (C-130 ) i participated in Operation Red Bean. Now that is another story altogether...

The Belgian army museum in Brussels has one of the worlds best aircraft displays. There are more than 8 types displayed there that my family flew with !

2022 mini achievements.

In this first year of Our Lord when we could get out again ! in 22, and away from home a lot. I did this ! Don’t Laugh ! Lacking time for the hobby I wanted to clear what I now know is called “ shelf of doom “ and “ Stash “ I [...]

Evergreen Aviation Museum Oregon

In Oregon one can still find independent hobby shops that seem to thrive. ( As covered by Dennis Meyers a few days ago. ) Probably so owing to stocking diverse hobby items and the drippy long Winters with people looking for indoor [...]

Modeling themes and ideas

Modelling themes on the cheap could suit as a title as well. In the over the 3 or so years since taking this hobby up again, I had a lot of unfinished builds. This while trying to get skill and to feel which Themes suit my interest. I came [...]


For all shipbuilders and ferrous metal modelers . I wanted to share some photos of Ships and equipment that I see on a daily basis. This at the Former Mare Island Naval shipyard and now Mare Island Dry Docks LLC one can not over-do or [...]

Heller vintage Me-163 komet 1/72

Pure basic Kit requiring deft fingers and good vision . ( magnifier lens ) This small model gave me great pleasure as a time investment versus value. The maxim during my career was , « price to build and build to price ! I mostly did [...]

The « V » weapons and a Vintage Revell kit of 1972

Hello friends and modellers. I completed not many kits last year as I am on a learning curve in this noble art still. Corona and shifting work schedules got in the way too ! Running into one issue or another. I kept putting glue down on [...]

Monty’s caravan Vintage Matchbox 1/76

In trying to complete a few “ under way “ kits I had to get this one completed first as I started it in spring time of this year with numerous put asides as the small scale made it difficult to realise . Let alone mount and pre-paint [...]

Unusual California museum

..is anything normal in California Anymore anyways ? A few weeks ago I met up with a friend at Moffet Field in Sunnyvale California. I tought to share on imodeler some of the unusual artefacts one can see there This place may be on your [...]

Matchbox 1/76 “ Memorial Day “ 3 Bloods and a Priest “

May 31 is Memorial Day in the US. One of 2 Federal Hollidays honouring the Armed Forces. In Light of that, and not having posted for a while I thought to show some of the really small Matchbox kits I have been dabbling in between trying [...]

Trials and tribulations of 2020

2020 is clear vision. So, don’t look to close at the 3 models I was able to complete this year ! Lessons learned in modeling as a new beginner on this awesome Supportive website. Keep the box you kit came in and look at the box art [...]