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Uhhhh…tap tap tap, this thing on? I’m “Cricket”, I live in the Secret Bat Cave, somewhere in western Tennessee USA! I am a firefighter and Office Administrator for our department. I am also a certified watchmaker, but haven’t practiced in a long time. My skills as a watchmaker have proved handy for modeling and Watch tools are very useful for building models. 🙂 Now that I have way TOO much time on my hands I am back into full swing modeling.

I have been building models on and off since the 60’s (guess that dates me) :). I stopped for a few decades and rediscovered the hobby about 20 years ago. I never did any quality models just threw them together. About 2 years ago I got into the hobby hot and heavy once again. I am a Tamiya junkie and Tamiya poster child. I am not a pro builder i do it for fun. I am terrible with an airbrush and use mostly Tamiya rattle cans.

I have found my niche with Tamiya motorcycle models (both 1/6and 1/12 scales) in the last 2 or so years.

I am happy to have found this forum!

DR.1 Fokker

In the words of Monty Python “And now for something completely different” :)- I was talking with someone about Dave Deal’s Tri Plane, so I searched for and came up with this instead. I thought it looked cute and thought what the [...]

Tamiya, Kawasaki KZ1300 B Touring bike, 1/6th scale.

I built the sister bike about a year ago and have been watching this one, Finally found one that had decency tires, most had deteriorated tires in the kit. I was excited to have it did a perfect (for me) paint job on it using Tamiya [...]

Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Another Tamiya 1/12th scale motorcycle, the Kawasaki ZZR1400. Brought to you by Cricket AKA @Bikequeen : ) I have always contended there is no black and white but a million shades of grey and to me, this bike is a study in black and grey. [...]

Harley Davidson 1971 XFE 1200 Super Glide

While I await my modelers block and other life situations to go away, I offer one of my favorite builds. I built this July of 2022. It Tamiya’s 1/6 kit # 16010. The “body” came molded in blue But it called for “Pearl Blue”. I [...]

Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP

Was going to steal stuff about this bike off the web bit @chinesegeorge George pretty much said it already in his recent headline post about his Fireblade. I choose to go with the Matte Pearl Morion Black finish. Painted with Tamiya’s [...]

Yamaha XS-1100 Midnight Special Tamiya # 16034 1:6 scale

I’ve alway had an affinity to Black and Gold color scheme, such as Chapman’s Johnny Player Special Lotus F-1 cars. So When I saw the Yamaha Midnight Special I had to have it. I had 12 motorcycle builds under my belt by this time, [...]

Tamiya Honda Monkey 1/6th

Honda Monkey (Z Series) mini bike, 40th Anniversary addition. Tamiya’s Honda Monkey, 1/6th scale, it was called the Monkey because of the way the rider looked on it, arms an legs seemingly hanging out all over. I bought the kit because I [...]

Tamiya Honda 750 Police bike 1/6th scale

Hello all, I built this in January of this year and just posted to the motorcycle group, reposting here. It was my first experience with 1/6th motorcycles and now I’m hooked. Thanks for viewing nod to @chinesegeorge for the suggestion [...]