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65 years of age, Modeling since birth. Do planes, armor, have a ship started. World War 2 is main interest but will stray back in time, never forward. Competition shooting, collecting Military rifles, and reading History occupy the non-modeling time. I am a mechanic by trade, for the famous Village of Amityville, Long Island. (Yep, the “Amityville Horror” place). Married 38 years to a lovely long-suffering woman and have one 32-year old kid, who builds better models than me.

Failed Concept…BP Defiant Airfix 1/48

It seemed like a good idea at the time. An interceptor fighter with all it's armament concentrated in a rear-mounted turret, whereby the pilot could concentrate on the maneuvering and the gunner on gunning. The Brits were always concerned with i[...]

Sharks are everywhere…49FG P-40K

Due to the recent P-40 profile posting I dusted one off. This one was built back when the Hasegawa 1/48 "Special edition" K came out. It's been shelf sitting with it's 49er groupmates and has come out for a flight. Represents a 7th Squadron airc[...]

Tank in the Box…Hobby Boss 1/35 Schneider

Howdy boys and girls it's been awhile, I have been building, just not a lot of finishing. Got this one done somehow. It's Hobby Boss's model of an early "tank", The French Schneider CA. For history and specs and such, go here The kit went toge[...]

My Prize Easy Eight.

Built exclusively for iModeler because you gave it to me, as award for December's monthly model. I was never really interested in the late war "Easy Eight" until of course, I saw "Fury". Then I was turned on to the wide track, and big muzzle-br[...]

Saab Story J21 pusher fighter

Pilot Replica's first and only release, a 1/48 Swedish Saab J21 twin-boom pusher. Actually My son Kyle built this one, I be just the poster boy. He reports it to be a pretty good build, complaints being a split wing seam and locator holes that a[...]

Mini theme, one of each….

Celebrate diversity,,, Boat (undawatta) car figger tank plane snowspeeder (try to categorize this one). Of course in 4 out of 6 categories I have only one. But I was looking at the new Polar Lights "Wizard of Oz" set but since I found out it's [...]

December iModeler prize received

I made real sure to dig a nice clear path through the 24 inches of snow for the mailman for just this occasion. Arriving today was my selected kit for the December awards, Tamiya's new M4E8 Sherman. Having recently seen "Fury" combined with the [...]

China bird…The last biplane Hawk

The Osprey "Aircraft of the aces" series of booklets has caused me lots of inspiration (and work) over the years, and the new release #126 "Aces of the Republic of China Airforce" is the latest. For years I intended to convert Hasegawa's 1970 Cl[...]

All the other kids are doing it…my 2015’s

Not many, just not as much energy last year. But I seem to have had a resurgence at year's close, so....Several cool new kits were released toward the second half of 2015 which helped...I would call Tamiya's Somua "kit of the year" the end [...]

Work benches, eh?

I challenge thee, iModelers, to show me a sloppier more disorganized bench. The saving grace to this IKEA unit is the tabletop folds up, and having 5 cats and a kitten (model destroyers) in the house, it must be folded when not in use. So I am F[...]