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64 years of age, Modeling since birth. Do planes, armor, have a ship started. World War 2 is main interest but will stray back in time, never forward. Competition shooting, collecting Military rifles, riding my Harley and reading History occupy the non -modeling time. I am a mechanic by trade, for the famous Village of Amityville, Long Island.(Yep, the “Amityville Horror” place). Married 37 years to a lovely long-suffering woman and have one 30-year old kid, who builds better models than me.

Imitation-sincerest form of flattery?

When the invading Wehrmacht encountered the Soviet union's T-34 tank for the first time, panic ensued. Here was a monster that deflected anti-tank rounds with ease, with mud-beating wide tracks, high mileage diesel power, and a nice long 7.62 mm[...]

French metal-Tamiya Somua S-35

The new kit from Tamiya, as usual a beauty. Built out of the box, including the figure.(Which I did no justice to). Perfect fit and snap together track links make this an easy one. The most work went into masking the color scheme, representing t[...]

to exhaustion….

Missed Battle of Britain Day by one, but I dredged up this OLD build, and attempt to create a scene. Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane, 303 (Polish) squadron decals. Wow 75 years, salute to all who persevered through it, military and civilian.

On to Berlin!

Adding to Maxim Bylkin' "theme" I dredged up this old biscuit. It's a 1/72 Dragon T-34-85 with "bedspring" armor. The bedsprings were actually metal grids with brackets welded up as early stand-off armor, to defeat Panzerfausts, the terror of ur[...]

It’s not to late… to Whippet… Whippet good…

Sorry my Devo is showing. My first finished model in a while is Emhar's old 1/35 Whippet, a Christmas gift from my kid. A British WW1 "exploitation" "tank", this was designed to be the fast vehicle to drive thru holes punched in the line by the [...]

Oh Boy, a treat for you! Dredging up BoB and BoF oldies…

Too lazy to build new for the group build but I sure do have subjects that fit. Do need more though, a Stuka is absent from my shelves, and really need a Curtiss French Hawk.

T-34 Model 1940-best looking tank ever?

Or, can a tank even BE good looking? I think so. I saw a model of a T-90 the other day, man these new tanks are covered with "stuff" sticking out all over the place. I thought of my Dragon model 1940 built some years ago-perfection in design. Th[...]

Relics from Mom’s House…ancient armor artifacts…

The 70's just don't seem that long ago....gad I've been doing this awhile. I left my parent's bosom at age 27 in 1982, but plenty of bits of me remain behind in the basement, among them these plastic beasties. At the time these were state of the[...]

The Mother of all Zeroes…prototype #1 (ichi-ban)

Hasegawa's limited-release Zero prototype in 1/48th scale. Built this one a while ago when first released, an easy build. AFAIK there are no images in existence of this machine so we can only hope Hasegawa got it right. The engine/cowling was di[...]

LaGG-ing behind-the theme lurches on….LTD version..

Before ICM there was the only ballgame in town, LTD Model's limited-run 1/48 LaGG. At least it is actually 1/48, I have heard the ICM is a tad underscale. The size difference is noticeable. As mentioned, I reaLLy likE LaGGs so I tried my best wi[...]