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65 years of age, Modeling since birth. Do planes, armor, have a ship started. World War 2 is main interest but will stray back in time, never forward. Competition shooting, collecting Military rifles, and reading History occupy the non-modeling time. I am a mechanic by trade, for the famous Village of Amityville, Long Island. (Yep, the “Amityville Horror” place). Married 38 years to a lovely long-suffering woman and have one 32-year old kid, who builds better models than me.

It ain’t plastic but it is scale…Maurice Farman…

From my Brother Keith in Tuscon Arizona comes this creation. It flys! It's R/C if you look careful you will see the real engine under the water-cooled one. Wingnut Wings-Bah Humbug! Don't know the scale but I'm sure it's big.

Tiny Tank— Type 94 Tankette

Large numbers of cheap armored vehicles worked fine against lightly armed opponents in the 1930's, in this case against China. These little things were also to pull supply trailers with them, to help with the Long Chinese distances. Later, up ag[...]

Coulda been a contender-Trumpeter’s so close 1/32 P-40B….

So almost looks like a P-40B. That beautiful, pointed-nosed Curtiss fighter, the best looking of the line, and bearer of the "Sharkmouth" to perfection. BUT something is wrong here, looked at from the front low, it's best angle, that[...]

Need some STEEL around here…..Sausage and waffles…

STURMGESHUTZ!!!!! II that is, type G late production, Saukopf (Pig's head) mantlet, with "Waffle" Zimmerit. This is Dragon's new kit with the Zimm molded right on the surfaces, for lazy folks like me who could not get it right. I did this model [...]

Speaking of the old ones…Aurora Breguet….

Back in the day (again?) Aurora's WW1 jobs were some of the better models out there. They were outstanding compared to say, the burgundy Messerchmitt or yellow Zero. I built almost all of them back then, and have a pile today, for nostalgia. My [...]

Hey, Abrahamson, my landing gear works!….

Built this one, with my Dad, more than once in the dark ages, always fighting the working landing gear. Well, this one works (when will it give out? The shadow knows). Built right out of the (old) box, axles melted over to hold the wheels on, an[...]

Keepin’ it Hien…

Hey there's a theme here somewhere's. Here's my 1/32 Hasegawa Hien, in the colors of 18 Sentai, on home defense. Some pretty tailfeathers I think. All markings are sprayed on 'cept numbers and letters and the kill eagles. Base is my usual Alclad[...]

Lucky You! Found some OLD pitchers….

from '05, a Hasegawa 1/48 T-Bolt I put together back in the day. This boxing featured the great post-war "braggin" scheme" of the 56th FG, and I hadda do it. Sorry about the photo quality, this was before I knew what i was doing (hold on, I STI[...]

Are you a Blochhead? Bloch 152, France 1940…

Azur's rather nice kit of the ill-fated Bloch 152, a machine rushed into service to fast with too many flaws. Always one to build weirder 1/32 kits, I picked this one up at the '05 Nats, and built it around '08. It has a resin cowl and engine th[...]

Pacific Fortress-a Big ‘un…

Done about 4 years ago, was this Monogram 1/48 Fort. This represents a Boeing B-17F that flew in that other theatre, the Pacific. It survived 101 or so missions including skip-bombing and strafing, to be returned home to be put out to a training[...]