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65 years of age, Modeling since birth. Do planes, armor, have a ship started. World War 2 is main interest but will stray back in time, never forward. Competition shooting, collecting Military rifles, and reading History occupy the non-modeling time. I am a mechanic by trade, for the famous Village of Amityville, Long Island. (Yep, the “Amityville Horror” place). Married 38 years to a lovely long-suffering woman and have one 32-year old kid, who builds better models than me.

Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

Tamiya's rehash of the 1/35 CMK Panzer 35 (t). This is a nice'n easy build for thems of you that would like to try an armor kit. Tamiya put in a new track sprue and guns, even so I used a Lion Marc barrel, it's got the tiny holes in the muzzle b[...]

Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank

Time for something that clanks. This 'lil beastie was the only enemy tank to tread on U.S. soil in WW2, a couple being present on frozen Kiska Island in the Aleutians. Dragon's new 1/35 Ha-go is a beauty, easy to build, low parts count. Only fly[...]

A racer not a fighter… Caudron 714, Azur 1/32

Develped from the Caudron C450 racing aircraft, was this attempt at a "light fighter", one that could be built cheaply with minimum use of resources. The mainly wooden airframe was powered by an air-cooled inline engine, a rarity for sure. The F[...]

Ceeping it Cobra-my kid’s P-400

Built a couple years ago, by my son Kyle. Hasegawa's nice 1/48 offering. an early New Guinea warrior. The P-400 being the designation for the British "reposessed" P-39's. The adoring pilots of these called them a "P-40 with a Zero on it's tail.[...]

A Pacific Devil-P-39Q

One of my "Built a while agos"... Eduard's 1/48 P-39Q. The Q model was the last of the line, featuring underwing .50 cals in pods. Many users removed these, especially the Russians who were it's major operator. "Devastating Devil" was a Pacific [...]

It’s Hurricane time so…1/24 Trumpeter IID “Tank Buster”….

One of Trump's better efforts, IMHO. The spinner is a bit too long but otherwise I think the lines are pretty good and the rivets work in this scale. What possessed me to do a kit of such largesse I'm not sure, but I do love Hurricanes, and ther[...]

Believe I’ll post something today, too….

Built this Special Hobby 1/32 A5M when it first came out. A fairly easy build, added some interior and engine details. Finish is Alclad White Aluminum mixed with a littleTestor's flat yellow, to get the "Japanese Navy protective coating" tinge. [...]

Yay! My “Major Award” arrived today….

My prize package from the March contest has come in. And a beauty it is. 4 Tamiya 1/48 models is a good thing, but these are even packaged pretty as a boxed set. I opened it very carefully to peruse the contents, now I have the urge to go Luftwa[...]

OK if nobody’s going to post today…over 1000 I go…

Such a nice number. I'll "Rocket" over the top with this hasegawa 1/32 Komet I did last year. For it's age it's still a cool kit. Pretty much kept to what was in the box, except for making a couple of "Luftstanders" to disply the kit-supplied ro[...]

Karma almost at 1000….Shameless use of kid’s model….

to get 20 points closer. Classic Airframes Curtiss Hawk III, Chinese Air Force late '30's. Hawk III was China's main fighter of the time, did well against unescorted bombers but faded when the monoplane Japanese fighters showed up. Not an easy k[...]