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Heavy equipment operator in a gold mine. Strictly 1/48 aircraft with a penchant for oddball schemes

Tamiya 1:48 Mitsubishi A6M3 (Captured)

This is my entry into the "The Empire of Japan 1919-1946 GB" This aircraft was restored to flying condition by the joint USAAF/USN/Royal Australian Air Force Technical Air Intelligence Unit (TAIU) at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Australia in late 1942 [...]

Photographing Models

I was asked about my camera set-up for taking photos. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3. I have the Mode Dial set to (Aperature Priority). I set the f stop to 32, my highest which allows everything to be in focus. The first two photos show my screen s[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 A6M5 Type 52 Zero (Captured)

My entry in the The Empire of Japan 1919-1946 GB. Build seen here... Many thanks to Louis Gardner for the invite

Trumpeter 1:48 MiG-3 Late Version

This is said to be the aircraft of Capt. A.V. Schopov, of 6 IAP, 6 IAK (Fighter Air Corps), IA-PVO (Moscow Air Defence), winter 1941/42. There is no photo of the aircraft. The box top shows gun pods under the wings but none are in the kit so tha[...]

Tamiya 1:48 F2A-2/Model 339D Buffalo

F2A - Dutch East Indies Model 339D captured by the Japanese in March '42 and tested at the Tachikawa Army Air Force base in Japan. Another in my growing fleet of "Captured"/Odd ball schemes. Did this back in my brush painting days. Not much reco[...]

Eduard 1:48 Bf- 109G-6

This is the aircraft as flown by Rudolf Bozik (10.7. 1920-27. 6. 2000) during Sept. 1944. These are the Slovak Combined Squadron. This is from the Bunny Fighter Club Dual Combo, two kits in one box + a spiffy T-shirt. When you are a BFC member y[...]

Hasegawa 1:48 CF-104D

CF-104D, Lockheed model 583-04-15, Lockheed construction number 583A-5303, RCAF serial number 12633, Mk.1 (Dual Training Aircraft), built by Lockheed. Taken on service March 23, 1962; it served the 448 Test Squadron "Central Experimental and Pro[...]

Revell 1:48 F-104G (CF-104) 417Sq. Cold Lake, Alberta

A nice kit with a few issues. The instructions want you to join the forward fuselage halves together first, then join the rear halves together and then put the two together as one. Do this and you'll have a whacking great seam to deal with. Glue[...]

Revell 1:48 F-104G

This is an RCAF 441 Sqn CF-104. This aircraft wore this scheme for the 30th anniversary of CFB Baden Soellingen, Germany. I built it using the Revell boxing of the "Tiger Meet" and this came with god awful yellow sprues. I'm building another NMF[...]

Hasegawa 1:48 P-51D

This aircraft depicts that of Capt Ted Lines, 335th FS/4th FG.8th AF.. Capt. Lines is officially credited with ten victories, however, examination of combat reports indicates that he actually destroyed 14. These victories included four in one da[...]