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I have been building models since I was six. I took a long absence after high school. As I have more free time now, I start getting back into this, among other hobbies.

1/12 Tamiya Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore

This one doesn't need weathering. This is my first motorcycle model. I have added the Tamiya's front fork upgrade. The wheel cover is covered by carbon fiber decal. I really like the effect of satin vanish with the carbon fiber decal. The [...]

1/35 DML Sherman Mk.Ic Firefly Hybrid

I really like Sherman with cast hull. This is a Firefly from Guards Arm. Div., 5 Guards Arm. Brig., 5 Btl. Coldstream Guards, ASqn 2C. I added some stowage from Legend. The figure is from a Minecraft British tank crew set.

1/48 Hasegawa F-86F-30

This was Major John Glenn's F-86F-30 in the late stage of the Korean war. I just added the Aire cockpit detail set to make it more interesting. Unfortunately, this model's windshield is on the thick side, so the interior is hard to see. I [...]

1/35 DML Tiger I Mid Command Version

I wanted to try the Zimmerit stickers from Tamiya and see if I can avoid using putty. The result turned out to be better than expected. As the stickers are for Tamiya kits, there was some misalignment, but it wasn't difficult to fix. You [...]

1/48 Tamiya Sherman M4A1

I really like the look of an early Sherman. The kit has a metal cast hull to give it more weight. There was quite a bit of filling needed between the plastic part and the metal hull. Other than that, it was a pretty easy kit to build. I [...]

1/48 Polikarov I-16 Type 10

This is an I-16 from Eduard. I didn't add any detailing parts. The decal is from Bestfong decals. (I separated this from the previous article with added photos.)

1/48 AFV CLUB F-5E Tiger II

This is an F-5E from the ROCAF. The model is an AFV club F-5E with a cockpit from Kaiser.

1/35 Tamiya Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C

The old Tamiya Panzer II Ausf D was my first tank model. After all these years and stuck at home, I think it is fun to revisit this tank. I used multiple hues of German grey in layers. In between layers, I applied chipping fluid between [...]

1/144 ms-06s zaku ii

The first time I built Gundam models from Bandai. The kit is easy to assemble, and everything fits well. The decals are dry transfers. They are thick, and they don't conform to the surface. I found some wet transfer replacement decal on [...]

1:48 Tamiya A6M2 (riveting and re-scribing exercise)

I am trying to learn how to do riveting and re-scribing an old model kit. I built this 1973 release of 1:48 Tamiya Zero. This build is more of a learning exercise for me. The challenging part is to translate the drawing from 2D to a 3D [...]