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Hello. I’m a 47 (eek!) year old chap, who is currently starting his 4th attempt/episode/adventure in scale modelling. Like many I suspect, I started out building models around 12 years old. In the early 80’s the model shop shelves were mainly filled with Matchbox and Airfix kits – which was great as they were mostly within my meagre budget! Many a happy weekend was spent building planes for my bedroom ceiling… Along came my mid teens (with girls and motorbikes) and the modelling stopped overnight.
Then I somehow found myself in a model shop some 15 years later. I left the shop with a Stuka and so started another chapter. A few years later I joined a local model club and enjoyed the club nights and shows with other like minded folk. The only fly in the ointment was the standard in the club was very high – coupled with my imagination outweighing my talent I did eventually get frustrated and quit the hobby (mainly ‘cos I just couldn’t finish anything).
The third ‘instalment’ was very brief (but helped me though a difficult time) and so after speaking to a good friend (Paul) I was urged to give it another go. The model stash that had been previously given away/sold is currently being replenished! 1/72 scale aircraft are flavour of the month. This time I’m not trying to make competition standard models – just to build what I like in a decent timeframe (ie, the model gets finished).
I found myself on this here site and love the great models (and photography) and also the friendly positive vibe. I do hope to post something of mine in the future. Cheers!

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