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Retired (’06) Florida Corrections Officer Sgt., DOB 7-19-46, residing in Port Orange, FL, and a New England (MA) transplant in ’85, a widower, one son, (Chris, a border patrol agent in AZ), and a life-long modeler. Main area of interest is aircraft (40’s – 60’s), although some of the ‘newer’ stuff still catches my eye now and then. I’ve also done NASCAR, armor and a few “floaty things” just for some diversity.
Builds I have NO interest in are airplanes with more than one wing and/or rigging, boats that have sails (and/or rigging) and figures (I suck at painting any kind of figures). Like to travel, am a fair photographer, weekly (or in some cases, ‘weakly’) poker player and an excellent couch potato – my TV time is extensive when not doing “Mr. Mom” stuff.
EDIT: Since I’ve become alone recently, my modeling interest(s) have dropped off dramatically and I no longer have the desire nor the inclination to dabble in plastic modeling any longer. That may change in the future, but I don’t foresee anything happening in that regard. I still look in on other modelers here and will continue to add my .02 to most postings. My email is: [email protected]

Merry Christmas Everyone….

Voodoo’s it is….!

The 'old' 48th scale Monogram, which, in my mind, still stands the test of time for accuracy, ease of assembly and, especially, price! This one was OOB some years ago and done with (naturally) MM NMF metalizer's in the rattle cans. At least it [...]

F4F Wildcat

Whaddya say, gang....time to move on to these now or wait a while?

More Hellcats

First pic build: Second pic build: Third pic: 48th scale, but apparently no build article (only pic I found) - same goes for pic #5 . These were way before there was an iModeler site. Fourth pic build article:

April Random Award

Not a very good picture (the wife isn't a photographer) - I sure got this fast, though. A big thank you to the iModeler staff for their consideration. It's much appreciated.

Monogram 48th scale Skyraider

This is the old boxing of Monogram's "Tour of Duty" Skyraider (which I finally got a canopy for)...the kit had no decals, so I "winged" it (no pun intended). This was - if not painfully obvious - a 'weekend build', which wasn't all that difficul[...]

Academy 1/48th F-4C

The first entry of the group build that Greg started a while back. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at my first attempt at completely PE-ing the cockpit. Some of you may have seen the completed assembly elsewhere on the site. Then the[...]

Trumpeter 48th F-106B

A long time back, before the B-model was available, I'd done the Monogram F-106A in a NASA NMF scheme (see attached). When the Trumpeter "B" came out, I told myself I was gonna try to replicate one of my favorite photos (also attached) of the M[...]

The “Theme Game”….

A selection of categories for your consideration: Monogram 48th B-17G Tamiya 48th M-4 Sherman Dragon 1/6th MG-42 Tamiya 72nd Vosper Monogram 25th Superbird

OK….let’s get this outta the way – 2015 builds

Like TC, I didn't realize I'd destroyed this many kits over the last year - although a few of 'em turned out ok I guess.