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Retired (’06) Florida Corrections Officer Sgt., DOB 7-19-46, residing in Port Orange, FL, and a New England (MA) transplant in ’85, a widower, one son, (Chris, a border patrol agent in AZ), and a life-long modeler. Main area of interest is aircraft (40’s – 60’s), although some of the ‘newer’ stuff still catches my eye now and then. I’ve also done NASCAR, armor and a few “floaty things” just for some diversity.
Builds I have NO interest in are airplanes with more than one wing and/or rigging, boats that have sails (and/or rigging) and figures (I suck at painting any kind of figures). Like to travel, am a fair photographer, weekly (or in some cases, ‘weakly’) poker player and an excellent couch potato – my TV time is extensive when not doing “Mr. Mom” stuff.
EDIT: Since I’ve become alone recently, my modeling interest(s) have dropped off dramatically and I no longer have the desire nor the inclination to dabble in plastic modeling any longer. That may change in the future, but I don’t foresee anything happening in that regard. I still look in on other modelers here and will continue to add my .02 to most postings. My email is: [email protected]

Workbench theme….et al

Although rather small in area, I can create clutter and disarray with the best of 'em. Taken some time ago, it presently isn't a whole lot different. In the second photo, the evil one oversees my movements. She does NOT, however, disrupt/break o[...]

Revell AH-64 Apache Longbow

A gift from a fellow iModeler (thanks, Frank) only my 4th build with whirly things on the top, but went together fairly well - even with all those 'fiddly bits'. I'm assuming it's 35th scale, judging from the pilot figures that I didn't use. T[...]

Collings Foundation B-24 “Witchcraft”

Seeing Tom's photos reminded me of when (as in every winter season), the Colling's birds flock to New Smyrna airport for yearly maintenance. These are just the B-24 photos in her present livery. I also have "Nine-O-Nine" pics and can be seen he[...]

R/M 1/48th B-25 Mitchell

I half-heartedly attempted to convert this into a generic Marine/Navy version of the PBJ, seein's' how I didn't have one. The kit presented little problems in itself, any 'problems' were (as always) self-inflicted. I did absolutely no weathering[...]

Hobby Boss 48th FJ-4 Fury

The kit went together fairly well, albeit my inept modeling skills tried to make it more difficult than it should've been. And wouldn't ya know, AFTER (of course) I posted the pics, I see the pitot tube has disappeared. Plus.....I thought it od[...]

Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar

In keeping with the current Japanese theme, this was my first attempt at the all-to-common “paint chipping” effect as seen on many Japanese aircraft of WWII. I didn’t want to go ‘overboard’ (as I’ve seen on many builds). I first sprayed the airf[...]

HU-16B Albatross

This old (1957) 1/72nd Monogram kit was engineered to have retractable gear, much like the same vintage Avenger and Helldiver offerings by Monogram back in the day. I choose to fix them in place. Didn't even bother to see how they would've gone[...]

1/32nd Revell-Monogram Hawker Hunter

Like George (below), I haven't been posting of late, either. Not because I couldn't, but because I didn't have anything TO post. :( Recently, I got a hold of a kit I've never built (in any scale). The Hawker Hunter. This 32nd offering was a pr[...]

Kitty Hawk F-35B

After languishing in the closet on the proverbial 'shelf of doom' for over a year, I recently decided to have another go at this abortion and attempt to [sorta] finish it. It had been about 50% done and was fightin' me tooth and nail. The fit wa[...]

Tamiya 1/35th King Tiger

. I hadn’t done any armor pieces in quite some time (if that's not already painfully obvious), and I acquired this one in a trade a few weeks back….it was a relaxing change of pace – especially given Tamiya’s great quality and fit. It included [...]