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Retired (’06) Florida Corrections Officer Sgt., DOB 7-19-46, residing in Port Orange, FL, and a New England (MA) transplant in ’85, a widower, one son, (Chris, a border patrol agent in AZ), and a life-long modeler. Main area of interest is aircraft (40’s – 60’s), although some of the ‘newer’ stuff still catches my eye now and then. I’ve also done NASCAR, armor and a few “floaty things” just for some diversity.
Builds I have NO interest in are airplanes with more than one wing and/or rigging, boats that have sails (and/or rigging) and figures (I suck at painting any kind of figures). Like to travel, am a fair photographer, weekly (or in some cases, ‘weakly’) poker player and an excellent couch potato – my TV time is extensive when not doing “Mr. Mom” stuff.
EDIT: Since I’ve become alone recently, my modeling interest(s) have dropped off dramatically and I no longer have the desire nor the inclination to dabble in plastic modeling any longer. That may change in the future, but I don’t foresee anything happening in that regard. I still look in on other modelers here and will continue to add my .02 to most postings. My email is: [email protected]

Dying Hulks….

The post below put me in mind of a sight I came upon while at a restoration was rather sad to see these airplanes rotting away in the Florida sun. Of course, it was some time ago and hopefully they were hauled into the hangar to [...]

Eduard 48th scale F6F Hellcat

Believe it or not, this was/is my very first attempt at the tri-color paint scheme - I never thought I could pull it off convincingly without using an airbrush. However, through some trial and error (and some practice), I managed to get this clo[...]

Monogram 48th Phantom

A while back I tried my hand at a "splinter" camouflage scheme ala Keith Ferris on an F-15 Eagle. This time I gave it another go with the Monogram F-4C. I still haven't gotten the result(s) I'd hoped for, but perhaps it could have been worse I [...]

Revell 1/48th F-89C/D Scorpion

I guess this will be the last "old" NMF build I will bore you with. All (or most) others can be found on my blog. But I noticed this particular example was only pictured once (I believe) within that NMF tutorial post - as was that F-84F, but I[...]

F-105, F-101 & F-100 NMF’s

More of some older Monogram 1/48th scale "Century Series" NMF's....this time a trifecta. Rescued (and, in some cases, repaired) from the "shelf of dust". I was on a tear with my rattle cans of Model Master "Buffable Metalizer's" a while back and[...]

Monogram 48th F-84G & F-106A in NMF

From the "way back machine", another pair of classic Monogram kits done with (you guessed it) Model Master Buffable Metalizer rattle cans. A coat of Future, a little nose weight, kit decals and viola...finito. I also did the Monogram F-106A Del[...]

1/48th Canberra

This is an older build not previously posted (so old, in fact, I don't remember the kit maker). I didn't have a model of this particular aircraft, but I seemed to recall seeing one in this livery (attached pic). I'd done the B-57 version in NMF [...]

Monogram 48th F-15C Eagle

This is the old boxing (1987 molds) of the venerable Eagle. It has it's pros and cons, but overall, a decent example. I've seen better builds of this kit, but this is what I came up with. I fashioned the splinter camo scheme ala Keith Ferris, a[...]

Hasegawa 48th Mustang

Not my best effort of late. "Hurry Up" got in the way - again. :( Now that I see the photographic evidence, I find I have to once again apply a coat of Future; (the dreaded 'silvering' effect shows up). Hasegawa's engineering, fit and detail p[...]

Tamiya 48th F4U-1D

Practically fool-proof kit to build, as most of you know. However, I managed to fool 'em anyhow (I just ain't tellin' how or where). :( As is my practice, the paint is rattle-can MM Intermediate Blue over Tamiya fine white primer. EZ line for [...]