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Very respectful, understanding, yet very analytical.
Never have consumed alcohol, never smoked and never plan on doing so, I am over 50, I have lived without them.
Been modeling since age 5, I don’t see anything stopping me, why stop?
Very, very big on NASCAR. Also military aviation ( a vet myself), armor, sci-fi, ALIENS, dinosaurs, dioramas, figures. Use of fiber optics on models. Drawing and Painting.
I tend to stay in the ” BACK of the ROOM ” in silence, but I am there. Always am willing to help out, very much in favor of spreading the modeling bug, especially in these times of the cyber zombies.

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*** #44 Piedmont Oldsmobile driven by Sterling Marlin in the 1988 season. ***

Greetings : I found these while unpacking my computer related material.

*** Medieval Spawn ***

Greetings : Here one I thought was lost. I am unpacking stuff and putting up my own room, I just brought a new home and while getting my break I popped in this cd and I found this one. I thought it would be nice to share and that way I wont set [...]
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