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Supermarine Walrus / Seagull V finished by Raul Hrubisko

Hi I would like to share with you my Father's latest series. These are the 16 models done all together. We would like to thanks Peter Malone for assisting us on this project. He has share with us a lot of valuable information. [...]

Vultee Vengeance series done by Raul Jose Hrubisko

Hello I would like to share with you our Vultee Vengeance series which is finally completed. My father made these 22 models a couple of month ago but last week our friend Luis gave us some special decals used on these models. My father made a [...]

Supermarine Walrus and Seagull V series.

Hi Sorry for not posting before. My father has made the first 4 Walrus of this series. 1) Supermarine Walrus K5782 Sqd 700 - Deckheila, North Africa 1941 2) Supermarine Walrus ZA-W HD874 - Aug 1944: Rec'd 8 Communications Unit[...]

Northrop n-3pb

Hello to all My father has finished two new models. In this case he made the two Northrop N-3PB. Here are some photos of them 1= NORTHROP N-3PB No 330 Squadron RNoAF 22 GSF 2= NORTHROP N-3PB K The models on the di[...]

Airspeed AS5 Courier and Airspeed AS45 Cambridge

HI I would like to share with you two new models made by my father during the last week. Here are some photos. The Airspeed AS45 Cambridge was made from balsa wood but the Airspeed AS5 Courier was made from a resin kit. Airspeed AS 5 Courier [...]

Handley Page HP 42

Hi I would like to share with you some photos of this Handley Page HP 42 model in 1/72 scale made by my father from the Contrail kit. He spent a lot of hours during 45 days to complete it. I hope you like it. [...]

General Aircraft Limited GAL 49 Hamilcar

Hello I would like to share with you the last series done by my father. He decided to continue enlarge our collection with gliders. After doing the Horsas some months ago, it was time for the Hamilcar. We would like to thanks Jed and Alastair f[...]

Armstrong-Whitworth A.W.27 “Ensign”

Hi, While my father is finishing to paint the pair of De Havilland DH 91 Albatross he started a new model from scratch. In this case he is dealing with the huge AW 27 Ensing. A friend of us will make the decals for the BOAC Albatross and Ensin[...]

Boeing 247D in RAF Markings

Hi My father, Raul Jose Hrubisko, has finished another series of our colletion. In this case the aircraft selected was the Boeing 247D. We seleced 4 diferent schemes and my father built them. I bellieve that they look very well. Here are som[...]

De Havilland DH 91 Albatross

Hi My father has decided to start doing some of his old vacum form kits. One of the is the De Havilland DH 91 Albatross. The problem was that he believed there was only one "scheme" used by the RAF but after a couple of minutes we realized that[...]