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Some Helicopters

Hello Here are the photos of our sub collection of helicopters which inlcudes these ones 1) Westland-Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly. Prototype VW209. In December 1946 an agreement was signed between Westland Aircraft and Sikorsky to allow a [...]

Short Sturgeon

Hello Here are two other models done by my father a couple of weeks ago. The first and the second Short Sturgeon prototypes. These are the final photos Short Sturgeon RK787 - First Prototype [...]

Waco CG13

Hi This is a model done by my father (Raul Jose Hrubisko) one month ago. It is the Waco CG-13As. Two of this were used at the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment for trials in 1945. Since there is no kit for this model he has started mo[...]

Airspeed Horsa sub collection done

Hello to all of you We do not have enough words to thanks to Jed and Alastair for helping us during all the process of reasearch. Actually they did almost all the job, including visiting the IWM for photo and film references. We have also want[...]