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I have been building models since I was six. I stopped for a period of time while in the USMC and then when I got married. I have been married for 55 years and have two grown daughters with their own families. I returned to modeling in 1968 and had as my mentor, Stan Staples. I am retired from the CHP and enjoy my time modeling and spending time with my family.

F4U-5N Corsair, Flown by Lt. Guy Bordelon USNR, The only Navy Ace during the Korean War.

Guy Bordelon was born on 2/1/22 in Ruston LA. He received his wings and his commission in 1943. after a period of time as an instructor he was sent to the Pacific in May of 1944 assigned to VC-87 aboard USS Corregidor. At the outbreak of the Kor[...]

F6F-3 Kit award by iModeler

A belated thank you for recognizing one of my articles with this award. I appreciate it very much and I have every intention to make this model a future article from me. I truly like Navy an Marine Corps subjects and this will make a very welcom[...]

F4U-4 of VF-32, Flown by Lt. Frank J. Cronin USN, 1950

I first saw a mention of Lt Frank Cronin on page 24 of the Osprey book "F4U Corsair Units of the Korean War". Considering we had the same name I sought to try to locate him to say hello. I did locate him and wrote him a letter. He responded to m[...]

R6D VR-21 Barbers Point, Hawaii 1963 -1966

This aircraft was flown by a very good friend of mine when he was assigned to VR-21 in Hawaii. Aside from various transport duties it was used as transportation for two Admirals. One was Cincpac and the other was Cincpacflt. Other duties were to[...]

P-51B Flown by Captain Gilbert O’Brien , 357th FG

With the advent of WWII Gilbert O'Brien resigned his position as a draftsman with the US Navy Department and joined the USAAF. Upon completion of flight training he was assigned to the 357th FG, 362nd FS, at Hamilton Field California, flying P-3[...]

B-26 Marauder, radio control model

Let me start off by stating that I, did not build this model. This also shows off another of my "man caves" my so called "back house". I use this for working on large models and many other home projects. also it is used for storage. That said, h[...]

F4F-4 Flown by Captain Jefferson DeBlanc USMCR, MOH

Jefferson DeBlanc was assigned to VMF-112 and in November of 1942 he entered into combat. On his first mission he scored a double victory and at the time, he had 10 hours in the F4F. On January 31, 1943 he shot down two float planes and 3 Zeros[...]

FM-2 of VC-93 aboard USS Petrof, 1945

This represents an FM-2 aboard USS Petrof during 1945. I have no information as to the pilot or if in fact it was ever assigned to an individual pilot. FM-2's came late in the war and flew off Jeep carriers. I built it OOB from the Hobby Boss ki[...]

F4F4 Flown by Machinist Mate, Donald Runyon

Machinist Mate 1st/class Donald Runyon flew this Wildcat as part of VF6 off USS Enterprise in 1942. He was originally assigned to VF-2, "Flying Chiefs" as a non-commissioned pilot. He was eventually commissioned as a LT/jg in 1943 with an effect[...]

Monogram P-39

Hey, can I jump in here also. The is the naughty scheme for the a P-39 of the 36th FS, 8th FG,out of New Guinea, 1943. I built for a guy that loved the markings. Overall the Monogram is still a very good kit. Particularly for it's age and price.[...]