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I am from southern California I have been building models for about 30 years I spent 4 years in the u s navy as a flight deck director onboard cv-63 uss kittyhawk I build mostly 1\48th scale aircraft and armor with an occasional 1\350th scale ship

Tamiya 20mm flakvierling 48th scale

A little dio german flak gun

Academy Polikarpov I-16

This was one of the toughest builds ive had in a long time Nothing I did went right from paint issues to glue problems I almost gave up and sent it across the room but I held in there and got ur done. For such a tiny model HUGE pain the rear

Academy Oliver Hazard Perry Class guided missle frigate

WOW never seen so much PE before it was a little scary never built a ship and never delt with so much PE but it was a fun build The FFG-57 Rueben James

Monogram Pro Modeler SB2C Helldiver

The Pro Modeler kits are pretty good built this oob of course it did come with PE and Resin so I guess oob isn't exactly accurate This is a fictisous squadron late in the war

This is the NOT Tamiya F6F

Hobby Boss F6F the one I posted as a Tamiya kit and got everyone excited....sorry just thought I would re-post with better pics

Tamiya Mitsubishi Betty bomber

As always Tamiya is awesome this kit is smooooooth and fun love the detail and fit Built oob no need for AM parts

Special Hobby H-21 Shawnee in German service

this is a multi media kit it was a tough but fun build and an interesting subject

Hasegawa SH-3 Sea King

While I was aboard Kittyhawk I worked on the flight deck and directed this aircraft amongst others build was oob decals from Two Bobs

Italeri S-3b Viking sub hunter with resin cockpit

This kit is challenging lots of fit problems the resin cockpit fit better than the kit supplied one not my best work but im happy with it what do ya think

Academy CH-46 Seaknight (marine bull frog)

If you like helos Academy does a great job built this oob with the exception of scratch built wiring and plumbing inside cargo bay fun build