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Red Tulip…1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-5/U7, JGr Ost

Finished in 2018. Hasegawa kit, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, EZ Line for antenna, Ultracast wheels. After starting to apply the kit decals and the tulip leaves, my dad and I realized, that Hasegawa got them wrong. There are not 6 but [...]

Red Tulip…1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109K-4, Stab/JG52

Built in 2017. Hasegawa kit, Eagle Cals which were brittle as usual and some repainting was neccessary, EZ Line for aerials, plastic rods and lead wire for brake lines, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. There are several slightly different colour inte[...]

Luft´46…1/48 Horten H IX/Ho229 V7

Built in 2018. Zoukei-Mura kit, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. My dad thought it would be a shame to hide all the nice detail, so he decided to keep it naked and show a fictious not yet finished prototype. Besides that, the fit of the [...]

Bomber Killer…1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8/R6, Jagdgruppe 10

Built a couple of years ago. Used a Tamiya F-8 kit as base. Previously this aircraft was wrongly designated as A-7 but due to some exterior features seen on the pics of the original a/c and the assumed Werknummer, it´s an A-8. Also the fuselage [...]

Spanish Civil War…1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E-1, Legion Condor

Built in 2015. Eduard kit with decals from Kagero miniTopcolors #30 (Luftwaffe´s Baptism of Fire) Painted with acrylics, Gunze H70 mixed with Tamiya XF-19 for RLM63, black trim is painted too. Model shows the a/c of Hauptmann Siebelt Reents who[...]

Soviet Pawn…1/48 Petlyakov Pe-2 “Peshka”, Soviet Airforce

Built in 2018. The excellent Zvezda kit, Eduard seatbelts added, EZ Line for the antenna wires. For the AMT-1, -4, -7 and -12 camo my dad used the new AK Interactive Real Color Air paints. 12th Guards Divebomber Regiment in 1944

Jabo…1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190F-9, II./SG3

One of my dad´s older still existing models. Built 5-10 years ago. Tamiya kit, replaced the kit´s too small in diameter wheels with some from the sparesbox, seatbelts and detail to the landing gear added, fishing line for the antenna wire, injec[...]

Starting the Breed…1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109V4, Luftwaffe

Built 5-10 years ago. Classic Airframes kit oob, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Fourth prototype of the Bf109. Was tested and saw some action in the Spanish Civil War, later designated "A".

Disguised Aquatic Eyes in the Sky…1/48 Arado Ar196A-3, Handelsstörkreuzer 3 “Widder”

#7/2021 Here´s my dad´s fourth and last seaplane for a while. Italeri kit oob, fit is mostly only mediocre. The gunsight is molded onto the instrument board but was in the way of the windshield. So my dad cut it off and replaced it with a part [...]

Jabo…Focke-Wulf Fw190F-8, SG4

Built a couple years ago. Hasegawa kit, added seatbelts, some detail for the landing gear, EZ Line for the antenna wire, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Schlachtgeschwader 4, Eastern Front, summer 1944