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I used to make models in the seventies and eighties driven by perfectionism and ambition on the one hand and very basic skills on the other – a combination ready for tragedy.
My first model was Jacque Cousteau’s Catalina in black – yellow – white, 1/72 from Revel. Still in love with that plane.
After a short renaissance in the mid nineties (F1 race cars and motorbikes), again terribly unsuccessful, I thought I was through with it.
Today in the times of the internet, this hobby has completely changed. You can find inspiration there, advise, feedback, back ground information and this to means that modeling is more fun than ever before.

To all who know me as “Halvar von Flake”: becoming one of the editors of this site, I have eventually changed my name here at iModeler to the real one.

Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse, My Personal Highlights

- Tamiya is back in 1:6 motorbikes and brings a 1:48 Kawasaki Hien in 32nd detailing. - A new (to my ears) manufacturer from Ukraine named ICM shows a very impressive Mig-25 - Ebro's 1:20 Lotus 49.

Live from Telford: Highlights of the Contest

This is my final article form Telford 2016: my personal highlights of the competition.

Live from Telford: Copper State Models

My personal Telford highlight, part 3: Copper State Models. The company today located in Latvia has its roots in the US as a producer of resin figures. They are now extending their product range to Great War fighters in 1/48 starting with a Dolp[...]

Live from Telford: Gaspatch’s 1/48 Henschel 123

My second personal Telford highlight: Gaspatch's 1/48 Henschel 123. There are not many manufacturers who have picked up this rare subject before and now the ultimate kit seems to arrive for Christmas 2016. The test shots of the German dive bombe[...]

Live from Telford: Zoukei Mura’s 1/48 Phantom.

My personal Telford Highlights, Part 1: Zoukei Mura's 1/48 Phantom. Very nice surface detail, crisp panel lines, very high level of detail at every part you look at. Obviously ZM this time have given up on their strategy to show the internal air[...]

Reference For Your 300 SL Project

Guys, some of you may contemplate about building Tamiya's new Mercedes 300 SL like Jack and George already did. I found this magnificent car today at the Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse, France. It's unrestored in original, slightly patinated cond[...]

Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair 1/32

This is my third build of the superb Tamiya kit and here are the reasons for my infinite F4U loop. First, this is a marvellous subject. I like the paint schemes and really, nothing weathers like a Pacific Corsair. The wear and tear that can be[...]

Moson 2016 – My Personal Highlights

After Martin did all the historian's work, here comes my personal selection of Moson 2016's best in show models. It's sunny and friendly down here and if you have nothing better to do in spring 2017, come to Moson. Arrrrrrr, yes, there was some[...]

A Visit to Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Tokyo (Video with Planes and Ships)

Here's the second part of my video from the Tamiya Plamodel Factory. For introduction please see the recent .

A Visit to Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Tokyo (Video)

Dear friends, a business trip is leading me to Japan these days. The Tamiya Plamodel Factory, located in Shimbashi area close to Tokyo Station, is half the brand's flagship store and half a museum of Tamiya models. On the ground floor I found t[...]