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I used to make models in the seventies and eighties driven by perfectionism and ambition on the one hand and very basic skills on the other – a combination ready for tragedy.
My first model was Jacque Cousteau’s Catalina in black – yellow – white, 1/72 from Revel. Still in love with that plane.
After a short renaissance in the mid nineties (F1 race cars and motorbikes), again terribly unsuccessful, I thought I was through with it.
Today in the times of the internet, this hobby has completely changed. You can find inspiration there, advise, feedback, back ground information and this to means that modeling is more fun than ever before.

To all who know me as “Halvar von Flake”: becoming one of the editors of this site, I have eventually changed my name here at iModeler to the real one.

Product News – Aires

Aires have their entire product portfolio at the show and one gets the impression that there is almost no aircraft without according Aires offerings. The guys from the Czech family company seem to model their bodies in the mornings and aircraft [...]

Product News – Alclad II

Alclad II, known for their outstanding lacquer based metaliser paints, have presented a range of standard colours at Telford. The new series is enamel based, airbrush ready and instantly drying according to the manufacturer.

Back On Stage …

... with a superb 1/72 Avro Shackleton: Revell. Look at this super-crisp surface texture. I let the pictures tell the story.

New Arrivals at Telford – My Peronal Top5

Three hours after the doors of 2015 Scale Model World at Telford have opened: here come my Top 5 new arrivals. Well, it's actually 6, but I really don't know which one to cancel.

The Spitfire of the Imperial War Museum

Prior to the Telford trip with Martin I got this beauty in front of the lens at London Imperial War Museum. It looks as if they had taken her from the airfield, cleaned her a bit here and there and hung her from the ceiling in all its beauty. I [...]

Meet the Hog

The Aircraft. Corsairs have been named "hogs" and the appearance of the aircraft won't leave you in doubt about the nick name's justification. In stand and flight it radiates a special kind of strength. It all begins with a huge (size and power)[...]

Fürstenfeldbrucker Modellbautage

A scale modeling fair in Munich area. Excellent models, dedicated people, beautiful location - the former granary of a baroque monastery. Note: the Focke Wulf in winter camouflage is a test shot of Revell's new 1:32 kit.


Dear all this is my 1/32 Tamiya Birdcage. It had two layer chipping on the wing roots and the Air Force Stars were sprayed on. Final parts missing: antennas and propeller. It is since a day now that I have serious doubts about the football care[...]

Birdcage Engine

... or better P&W R-2800-8. Encouraged by your feedback about posting the Birdcage cockpit I'm showing up with another assembly of Tamiya's stunning 1/32 Vought Corsair. Note that the exterior color of the cowl flaps is still equal to the[...]

Desert Rose

Beyond being historically important aircraft, Spitfires are just beautiful. I find that their iconic design emerges best with the desert camouflage, especially with the color scheme of the Polish Fighting Team. Possibly this is because of the b[...]