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I used to make models in the seventies and eighties driven by perfectionism and ambition on the one hand and very basic skills on the other – a combination ready for tragedy.
My first model was Jacque Cousteau’s Catalina in black – yellow – white, 1/72 from Revel. Still in love with that plane.
After a short renaissance in the mid nineties (F1 race cars and motorbikes), again terribly unsuccessful, I thought I was through with it.
Today in the times of the internet, this hobby has completely changed. You can find inspiration there, advise, feedback, back ground information and this to means that modeling is more fun than ever before.

To all who know me as “Halvar von Flake”: becoming one of the editors of this site, I have eventually changed my name here at iModeler to the real one.

Birdcage Cockpit

Dear all, sorry to present a fragment of a model. My thoughts are these: the dark dull green which was mixed according to the kit's recommendation turned out to be quite dark and dull, especially with a coat of semi gloss clear. Not much will be[...]

F4U-1, Salmon vs. Zinc Chromate Primer

Dear all, my next project: a Birdcage. I intend to build a badly worn and weathered exemplar and I already investigated historical pictures of it - of course in black and white. Regarding paint work, some sources talk about salmon colored oth[...]

Tamiya Spitfire Mk.XVIe 1/32 – An Aircraft Against Tyranny

The Aircraft. Built by a German who loves the aircraft that kept us from wearing uniforms and doing parades from morning to nightfall. An aircraft against barbarism and tyranny. It's breathtakingly beautiful. A design object with perfect proport[...]