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Returning (several decades break) model man. I have built a couple of kits now learning more in every modeling session. Happy portrait painting by my son from his Pirates season.

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Mi-2, The Suspicious Ambulance Helicopter (Smer 1/48)

Quite normal-looking old Russian Mi-2 helicopter is landing to the edge of the field. Only a bit bad red cross painting might get some more attention. Pilot is leaving the place in a black van. If you’re brave enough you can take a look into t[...]

J-20 Fin – A new trainer plane for Finlandia Air&Space Forces

This is the 4th model of my ever growing ”Fin Air&Space Force’s purchases 2016 and beyond” collection series. J-20 Fin - A new trainer plane for Finlandia Air&Space Forces (FASF). It just so happens that the local Ministry of Educat[...]

Skipper Jussi “The Bag” 69 – Zvezda 1:100 Skipper Riley

Please meet the famous Skipper Riley’s not so well know twin brother Jussi ”The Bag" 69 from Finlandia (The right translation from the original name Jussi Pussi 69 is Jussi The Plastic Bag 69, but "The Bag" is much shorter and much cooler soun[...]

UAV Drone Monocopter 004 Fin

UAV Drone Monocopter 004 Fin The discourager of hooligans & hippies and like. One day my mother in law phoned and told she saw something special on her backyard. Big toy helicopter kind of thingie had landed there for a while. She said t[...]

Thunderbird S – F/A-18 successor’s successor Fin Air&Space Force

Thunderbird S(hadow): Fin Air&Space Force purchased F/A-18 successor's successor from International Rescue (Tracy Brothers). Thunderbird S will work mainly on search and rescue missions and stealth support operations. Speciality is the co[...]

YF-19 Fin – The Peace Keeper (Hasegawa 1/48 YF-19)

As some of you already know, Finland already found a successor to Finnish Air&Space Force F-18 Hornet fighter. It was announced 1st of April 2016. No, it was not F-35, no Gripen, no Eurofighter … It is by surprice beautiful Japanese YF-1[...]
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