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I mostly do 1/48 USN and British Commonwealth aircraft, all eras. I also have a weakness for WW1 German planes and 1/700 ships.

1/48 I-153 “Chaika”

This is the brand new ICM kit. What fun this one was! This is probably the most fool-proof biplane I've ever built. The parts are molded very nicely, it fits extremely well, has enough detail to make it look busy, and it looks like a "Chaik[...]

1/72 A.W. Whitley Mk. V

This is the new Airfix kit built almost from the box. I only added a bit of internal structure inside the fuselage behind the open door. It was finished with Humbrol enamels and kit decals. I have a weakness for 1/72 RAF bombers and this kit [...]

1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk. II – Part 2, Completed Model.

I finished the model with Humbrol enamels. The camo paints are #29 Dark Earth (with a few drops of white), #163 Dark Green, #90 Sky. Decals were applied after a brushed coat of Future and sealed with more Future. I clear coated it with Testor[...]

1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk.II – Part 1, Construction.

I took some photos along the way to illustrate the construction of my big Revell Spitfire. I added a lot of aftermarket parts to this one, far more then usual. I hope the photos help anyone building this kit. The following aftermarket sets wer[...]

Workshop and display cases and shelves.

I thought I'd get in the act and share my work space and display set up. In addition to what you see, I have about 150 built models stored in boxes and a stash of 200+ unbuilt. The Spitfire is a sneak peek at my current project. I built the s[...]

1/48 Polish Mig-21MF

This is the 1/48 Academy kit finished with Model Master and Humbrol enamels. The light gray is MM Voodoo Gray that I added a few drops of white to in order to simulate WARPAC air superiority gray that was seen on some Polish and East German Mig[...]

1/700 USS Maryland BB-46

This is the recent Trumpeter kit, which was apparently developed by Pit-Road in Japan. I love ships and ship models, but being PE challenged, they usually don't love me. This is the first one that I feel that I've finished to a decent enough s[...]

1/48 Mig-21MT

This was made from the outstanding Eduard kit, the gold standard for Mig-21s. The MT was an export version of the Soviet SMT. A small batch of 15 were built in 1971, but no customers were found. The aircraft were apparently put to use through[...]

1/48 f-106b

Finished another one! This is the very new Trumpeter two-seat Dart. It's a kit I really looked forward to and started it when I received it in early July. It's a nice kit, that assembles well, with a few flaws. The biggest issue to me is the[...]

1/48 F-101B Voodoo

This is one of two Monogram Voodoos that I purchased back in 1985, when they were brand new. I built the first immediately, and it ended up on the backyard target range for my son's pellet gun circa 2001. When Caracal Models released some new [...]