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Review: P 51B and-D Pt 6 lifelike Decals

Some more that may be of interest.

1/32 Roden O-2 Oh no!!!!!

Well I was really looking forward to this kit. There is a fair bit of flash but that is not really a concern. I am a reasonably competent modeller but I have to say aligning and bonding the upper fuselage will challenge the best of us. It [...]

Clyde room pt3

And the last few. The models were changed about over the years so you may have seen some that are not here. Shame the clyde room is not there now but has a poor replacement in the new Glasgow transport museum

Clyde Room pt2

And some more,

Clyde Room

HI folks.Some old photos from around 2006 before they ruined the museum by building a new one. i had to take photos in a hurry to avoid people. no details of ship names but worth a look. The whiteish sailing ships are whale bone made by [...]

Heller 1/200 Stella

This kit was built around 25 years ago straight from the box in those days I knew nothing of fillers. I dont remember any problems with this kit other than it being fiddly. It has survived several house moves. It has never had a cover so [...]