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I returned to modeling several years ago after a long hiatus and courtship with RC scale modeling. I’m an aircraft maintenance control supervisor recently retired from the company formerly known as Continental Airlines. Been fortunate enough to work and fly on several WWII aircraft, which are my favorite subjects, especially the lesser known ones and the ones with oddball paint jobs.

A visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Part 3

It's very easy to get carried away in this place. There is a lot to see and it comes at you from every direction. My apologies for the quality of some of the photos. Half of the time I was looking at something else while trying to photograph [...]

A visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Part 2

Here's the second batch of photos. The aircraft on display cover the full spectrum of US naval aviation, from day one to the present. The variety and quality of the aircraft is astounding, as many of them were flown in, cleaned up and put out [...]

A visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Part 1

I've been able to visit the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida, twice in the past month. These visits were different from previous trips in that this was the first time I've been able to go with no time constraints or famil[...]

A Gooney Bird tale – Douglas C-47B – Monogram 1/48

When I got back into plastic modeling a few years ago, I set a couple of goals for the projects I would do. The first was to model subjects I had never done before, which has proven to be successful as I have yet to build a Mustang. The second[...]

Convair XFY-1 Pogo, A What-if – Lindberg 1/48

In another universe not so far away... Marine Lieutenant Wally Warren was not a happy camper in the spring of 1968. His plan to avoid being sent to Southeast Asia by becoming a flight instructor had come to a screeching halt when he had flown [...]

A visit to a PT boat

I had an opportunity to spend a day at the Museum of the Pacific War / Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas a few days. For those who haven't been, I recommend you make a stop there; it will be worth the trip. Since I am interested in PT boa[...]

Vought F4U-4 Corsair, Hasegawa 1/48

First completed build of the year. It wasn't supposed to take this long! Having pulled this one out of the stash last November thinking it would be a quick build, I wasn't expecting life to intervene as much as it did. This is the old Hasegaw[...]

Water Wings group build recap

The Water Wings Group build has ended, so here is a quick recap of the models that have been submitted so far. 22 members in the group built the 11 models you see here, though I suspect there are a few more to come. All in all, it was a succes[...]

Water Wings group build

Deadline is upon us, so start posting those builds! It looks like we had a pretty good turnout for this one and I'm pretty excited to see what turns up, even after keeping up with the build logs. Again, no worries if you're not quite done with [...]

Water Wings group build

Ok, everyone, we have a week left until the deadline, so let's get those models finished! If I counted correctly, there are 14 builders, some with multiple models, in the group right now and there may be a few surprises in store. Some of the b[...]