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I returned to modeling several years ago after a long hiatus and courtship with RC scale modeling. I’m an aircraft maintenance control supervisor recently retired from the company formerly known as Continental Airlines. Been fortunate enough to work and fly on several WWII aircraft, which are my favorite subjects, especially the lesser known ones and the ones with oddball paint jobs.

Got a box in the mail today…

And in it was an Eduard weekend edition 1/48 Hellcat MkII! I've never built a Hellcat before and am definitely looking forward to this one. Thank you Martin and iModeler!

And now for something a little different…

And I do mean little! A friend in Japan sent me these a few years ago. They are Bandai kits in 1/100 scale, and yes, I had to assemble them, though they did come prepainted. I can't even begin to imagine the power of the magnifier the guy who[...]

Another story, and another old model airplane

While rummaging around in the attic a few months ago, I came across a small box tucked into the corner of a larger box filled with stuff from our old house back home. On it, in my dad's script, was written, "1st place model airplane, October 19[...]

A picture, a story, and a really old model airplane

This build started out with a picture: It's an A-20B, AAF serial 41-3441 of the 47th BG, 97th BS at Vesuvius Airbase in Italy. I found it while randomly surfing at work one afternoon (yes, I was bored) and photo was so cool I decided to buil[...]

Wings Over Houston Airshow

I took the grandkids to the Wings Over Houston AIrshow yesterday (Sunday the 27th). Some pretty severe thunderstorms had passed through earlier in the morning, so the flying schedule was a bit restricted. The crowd wasn't big at all, so I was [...]

Revell 1 / something or another Spitsfire Mk II

Flight Leftenant Rif Raf, KBE, DSO, DFC, EIEIO, ETC was assigned to 13 Squadron, Royal Air Farce, in early September 1940, just in time for the start of the Battle of Briton. A few weeks after his assignment, he was involved in the now famous d[...]

Monogram A-26 part 2

As promised, a few shots of the A-26 on a base with her pilot. George, it only took 11 weeks this time....! The base is a scrap piece of 3/4 oak plywood I had lying around. The edge was routered to make it look a little nicer. The concrete i[...]

1/48 Monogram A-26C Invader

It's finished! Kit built OOB, decals from Aeromaster Marauding Invaders Part 3 sheet. This one only took 11 years to finish, hope the next one doesn't take that long... I didn't get quite enough weight into her, so she tail sits. It won't be[...]

WIP – Monogram A-26C Invader

Here's the latest project from the Mexican Skunk Works, deep in the swamps of southeast Texas. 1/48 Monogram A-26C. Started building this one about 11 years ago. It sat partially assembled on the workbench while I built a bunch of RC models a[...]

Some airplane photos

Since I'm in the middle of a build and don't have any model pictures to post, I thought I'd share these. 1. Boeing 727-200C N199AJ at Houston IAH. Note this one has winglets. I worked on these for 12 years at Continental Airlines. 2. Boei[...]