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Hello fellow modelers!
My name is Manuel, I was born in 1968 in Portugal and I work in Information Technologies.
As a model maker, my main focus is 1/72 and 1/48 scale airplanes and 1/35 military vehicles and figures.
I always try to tell a story through my models. A famous pilot's aircraft, something I've seen in a photograph, a book or elsewhere. That's why you'll find a 'real' photo among the others in the post. For this same reason, my models have different levels of weathering, depending on the reality they are representing.
Personally I like (and this hobby is to give us some pleasure) dirty and worn out models, but I also understand that this is not always the reality and therefore these techniques are not always suitable.
In fact, making a model look like 'normal' wear and tear can also be a challenge.
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy my stories and I ask for constructive and sincere criticism.


Portuguese CEP 2nd Sargent, of the 7th Infantry Regiment. France, 1917

The Portuguese brand 'Alvorada Miniatures' released last year a series of (very) nice busts of portuguese characteres. I painted this one, depicting a 2nd sargent of the 7th IR in France, last november 2022. It's a great figure and it was [...]

Fokker 27 Friendship, Italeri, 1:72

This build, from feb 2023, was a commissioned model and a trip down the memory lane for its owner as he flew it in the 1960-70's. Lots of scratch and homeprinted (and designed) decals. Working from photos was a challenge, but I liked the [...]

Pilots, 1:48 scale

Trying to catch up, this time with some 1:48 pilots painted in oct 2022. This figures went with some commissioned models I built previously. 🙂

France, 1944. SdKfz 234 Puma, 1/35 scale

Completed in oct 2022, this dio was missing here 🙂 Hope you like it

A-7P Corsair II; 1/48 scale

The 5523 (sep 2022 build) On October 8, 1984, the day of Squadron 304 – ‘Magnificos’ (Magnificent), his first Corsair A7-P arrived, in this case the 5523 (registration 153159 in US NAVY). This aircraft would become a symbol of the [...]

Bell UH-1N Twin Huey, italeri, 1:72 scale

Completed in july, 2021, this build was never posted here... This is the venerable Italeri kit, built almost straight from the box. As usual, I had to make small personalizations 😀 as open windows and other small touch ups. Although 2 [...]

A Bridge Too Far

Hello fellow modelers, For various reasons I have not published my works here, but I will resume these contributions. For now, here's a fabulous figure I made a few months ago: a bust of the great Sean Connor in the role of Major Roy [...]

Templar Knight in Jerusalem

For those who like historical busts, the “Young Miniatures” brand offers some interesting references, some of them with an unusual particularity: the physiognomy of a well-known actor and/or who played a role in a film associated with [...]

Portuguese AlphaJet A; 1:72; Fujimi

When I found this old Fujimi kit in a flea market I knew it wouldbe my very next build. I have a friend who made its first solo flight in this aircraft so, although the kit was an 'E' version (it would be easy to made an 'A' out of it), I [...]

Dassault Falcon 50; A-Model 1/72; Portuguese Air Force

The Falcon 50, designed and produced by the French factory MARCEL DASSAULT, is a tri-engine that, due to its characteristics and qualities, offers flexibility of use, safety in all its circumstances and excellent cruising performances. The [...]