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Hello fellow modelers!
My name is Manuel, I was born in 1968 in Portugal and I work in Information Technologies.
As a model maker, my main focus is 1/72 and 1/48 scale airplanes and 1/35 military vehicles and figures.
I always try to tell a story through my models. A famous pilot's aircraft, something I've seen in a photograph, a book or elsewhere. That's why you'll find a 'real' photo among the others in the post. For this same reason, my models have different levels of weathering, depending on the reality they are representing.
Personally I like (and this hobby is to give us some pleasure) dirty and worn out models, but I also understand that this is not always the reality and therefore these techniques are not always suitable.
In fact, making a model look like 'normal' wear and tear can also be a challenge.
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy my stories and I ask for constructive and sincere criticism.


A-7D Corsair II; Matchbox 1973 kit

This is one of those kits you've built 40 years ago and the destiny puts on your path again. To make the story short, I built an ancient kit adding a modern resin cokpit and PE, used its decals plus some homeprinted and the result is here [...]

Fw-190 A8; Airfix 1:72 (2021 build)

Built last year but not yet posted, this was a quick and easy, OOB, build just to relax from the long 1:48 ones, on a rainy weekend. Airfix 1:72. FW-190 A8 "White 3" with the blue-white-blue bands from the Reichsverteidigung [...]

The Hawker Hurricane IIc Trop; Arma Hobby, 1:72

Arma Hobby kit, 1:72 scale By Manuel Magrinho 2022 History The Hawker Hurricane needs no presentation, so let’s focus on this particular aircraft and its story, which inspired me to this build. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the other [...]

Portuguese F-16 AM (MLU)

F-16 MID LIFE UPDATE (MLU) VERSION The MLU program emerged in the early 1990’s, following the need to keep the F-16 in operation for another 20 years whilst maintaining the same degree of effectiveness and operational capabilities. The [...]

A-10A Thunderbolt II

Having fun with the ancient Tamiya A-10 kit The kit really shows its age (not Tamiya’s best) with some fit problems joining the fuselage halves and a few raised panels. But, when it’s solved, all the rest goes quite right. Until [...]

Panzer KampfWagen VI Tiger II "Konigs Tiger"

I’ve start building the 1975 rebox kit (code MM157) of the King Tiger in the late 1980’s and, due to bad tracks, shelfed it until this spring. Back then, can’t precise when, I’ve bought a (plastic) separate tracks links for this [...]

1969 F-4E Phantom II Thunderbird; Hasegawa 1/72

Hi fellow modellers, Proceeding my Thunderbird series, I post a quite old build that I’ve missed before. The Phantom II F-4E Hope you like, A white T-bird The Thunderbirds started the 1969 training season still in the F-100Ds, but in [...]

SdKfz 234 Puma. Italeri, 1:35

Hello fellow modelers! This was my 2nd car ever, and my first car and figure in 35+ years, but I had to try 😀 It was OOB, with slight modifications and a figure from another box. Hope you like. Cheers, Manuel

The F-86-f Sabre in Portuguese service

THE F-86-F SABRE IN PORTUGAL HISTORY On August 25, 1958, the first North American F-86F Sabre of the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) landed at Air Base N° 2 (BA2), Ota. They were part of a shipment of 30 (later 50) planes that were [...]

SU-27UB Flanker; GWH 1:48

The SU-27 is one of the sexiest aircrafts I ever saw, so I was missing this build 😀 The SU-27UB from Great Wall Hobby is a fantastic kit. Quiet hard work, but with a very rewarding end result. Completely OOB, just added a few cables to [...]