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From Manchester UK
I have been modelling on and off for about 20 years
like most guys built planes and tanks as a kid
then did the Family thing settled down had two kids
got on with everyday stuff then slowly got back into the hobby and so here i am today modelling mad with a huge stash that i wont live long enough to build!!,I build mostly Aircraft 1/144 upwards 1/72 is my favourite scale i have built the odd tank,
to be honest my building skills are not great if anything im a bit lazy i tend to rush to get to my favourite part the painting and weathering.
i am a member of the 580 modellers and the Bolton IPMS modellers club, since joining the clubs i have picked up some great new techniques and made some great new mates

Revell (X MPM) Meteor F4

Hi All, Another oldie i built this last year its the Revell (X MPM) Meteor F4 or as we brits call it The Meat Box. Not a bad kit, nice surface detail the cockpit isn't great but a perfect candidate for fitting the Eduard Zoom Etch which i did[...]

Mig 21F-13 A Six Day War Survivor

Hi All, This build is from quite some time ago and its one of my rare jaunts over to 1/48 its the Trumpeter kit and it is a really nice bit of plastic to say the least, detail is top notch the cockpit in my opinion doesn't need anything like a[...]

Eduard Eindecker

Hi All, Here is my little survivor its been to nearly all last seasons Model Shows and its had various bits glued back on at some point including the tail section a good few times one wing and the undercarriage hence the slightly wonky stance, T[...]

Airfix English Electric Lightning

Hi All, This is one of my most recent builds its the New Tool Airfix 1/72 Lightning F2A. I must say it was a pleasure to build pretty much went together flawlessly the only little niggle was the inserts in the nose for the gun openings these we[...]


Hi All, Here is one of my 1/72 Hobby Boss quick builds this time it the FW190-Dora, This time i thought i would try something a little different so i posed it just as its taken off and the undercarriage on its way up. A great little kit the onl[...]

Vampire T11 Airfix 1/72

Airfix's Little Gem, This is a really neat little kit no vices at all, the only thing that is a little odd is one of the joint/panel lines on the underside is slightly wide and there's not a lot you can do about it as it is on a natural panel li[...]

Eduard Me 262a-1A

Eduard's Great little 1/144 262 this was my second go at a brail scale model, my first wasn't that great i bought one of the re-released Revell Mini Wings kits for a pound it was the Fw190 started to build it and promptly lost the prop so binn[...]

Heinkel HE219 A-7

Hi All, This is the Dragon HE219 A-7 basically a Great Model, I only had one or two fit issues but i think they were of my own doing. The one thing that wasn't great that was out of my control was that the panel lines on the the top of the f[...]

Airfix Hurricane Hurricane MkIIc

Hi All, Here's another of my early efforts this is probably one of only a hand full of kits since being a kid that i have built as soon as i picked one up and got it home great little kit i think the only let down is the under sized prop,which i[...]

Hobby boss FW190-A8

Hi All, me again, well i dug the little camera out and did some snaps they are not all as clear as i would like them to be and some are clearer than i would like you know what they say about the camera it never lies well actually it can but that[...]