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I am 56 yo and after leaving school I joined the British Army. After leaving the Army I joined the Prison Service and have been in 32 years now, all served in the Greater London area, where I still reside. I am a Lancashire lad and maybe one day I will return to God's country. For now I remain a part time Prison Officer (Principal Officer/Custodial Manager)

I am a long time modeller and now that I have gone part time at work, even more time to do all those models out there and yet to come.

I am happily married to my wife Joanna and the only other love in my life is my beloved Everton.

Airfix 1/72nd Buccaneer S.2 801 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Victorious

This my second completed Airfix S.2 Buccaneer, this time completed with wings unfolded. These new Airfix kits are a real pleasure to construct and long may that continue. This time I have opted for the grey over white scheme which was an [...]

Airfix 1/72nd Buccaneer S.2 809 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Ark Royal

This is the new mould Airfix Buccaneer S.2 completed as XV154 whilst she was allocated to 809 Naval Air Squadron aboard HMS Ark Royal. XV154 was issued to the Fleet Air Arm during 1966 and was originally issued to 800 Naval Air Squadron, [...]

Roden 1/144th Lockheed C-141B Starlifter

Another completed Roden kit. I had purchased a Caracal Decal set for C-141 Starlifters some time ago and they sat in the 'future projects maybe' pile. I then picked up a Roden Starlifter and eventually got around to this result. Whilst I [...]

Roden 1/144th Douglas C-133A Cargomaster

Given the current situation have been making best use of stay at home instructions. The good weather here has helped also. Therefore taking pictures of recent builds and given myself some little projects to help pass time. This is the [...]

Miniart 1/35th LGOC Type B Bus

Over the years ago have made the old Airfix B Type bus kit. Likely a bit of a rite of passage for many modellers I feel. When I saw Miniart bringing one out, thought why not indeed and got myself one. As always with Miniart somewhat over [...]

F-4J Phantom Tamiya 1/32

Its been quite a while since I have posted anything so thought maybe time to do some more. I have been modelling away and frequently visit this and other sites. Maybe I been inspired! I have always loved the F-4 Phantom and managed to get [...]

HSS-1N Seabat

Following on from my liking of the Westland Wessex I thought I'd go back to the original Sikorsky design and its use by the US Navy. I really like modelling Fleet Air arm aircraft, but also have a soft spot for US Navy types as well. The [...]

Airfix 1/72nd Westland Sea King HAR 3

The newish Airfix Sea Kings are really good kits and build well. Whilst they maybe lack a bit of rivet detail and appear a bit more smoother skinned that real Sea Kings, in 1/72 that a liveable issue. One thing Airfix did not so well is [...]

Zvezda Boeing 737-800

Though not contributed for quite a while have been modelling away. Just finished Zvezda's Boeing 737-800 which went together very well. Straightforward build and very impressed by how good Zvezda's kits are moulded and packaged. Decided [...]

Italeri 1/48th westland Wessex HU.5

Another Italeri Wessex completed, this time an HU.5 Rescue version from 771 Squadron based at Culdrose. This was my second model of this version as my first, a Commando version from 707 Squadron from Yeovilton met an untimely demise after [...]