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From South Africa
18 Years old
I returned to the hobby recently after a few years of break.
My main interests include World War 2 and vintage aircraft. I plan on tackling more armour and dioramas in the future!
I enjoy scratchbuilding on all my models even if it is slightly inaccurate!

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‘What if’ Soviet Mech Diorama!

The first diorama I built after getting back into the hobby. The mech is scratchbuilt and my first attempt at doing so. The Bf 109 is a kit which I built when I was very young so I restored the aircraft but in a crashed, "shot down" state. The d[...]

TBF-1 Avenger 1:72

I bought this kit at a local arms fair. The box appeared very neat and new yet the kit was simply a rebox of an older academy kit. There was basically no detail for the interior(which is luckily hidden pretty well on the avenger). For what the k[...]
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