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Hi,I am based in Warrington in the north west of England and usualy build 1/48 scale aircraft ,generaly WW2 and coldwar so from1939 up to around 1975 (ish !),my current main interests are anything Israeli and British fleet air arm. If anyone is interested in swapping information please feel free to get in touch.
I am a 1966 vintage and work in the Chemicals industry which is boring and usualy involves keeping some pretty nasty stuff under lock and key.
I am also a biker and am into the great outdoors, and good old fashioned rock n roll,the louder the better.

Seahawk disaster!

Hi all, I am finally reaching the end of my classic airframes Seahawk but as you can see the dark sea grey has shown through the ace of hearts insignia, I have considered carefully masking it of and painting in the white part but I am pretty sur[...]

Blackpool (U.K.) airshow 11.08.13.

I thought I would share these pictures with you, I know they aren't that great but I still think they are worth a look.How many times do you get to see one off the only two flying Lancasters in the world as well as the worlds only flying Vulcan.[...]

Italieri F 16 1/48

This is my latest build , it is the Italieri F16 , I have to say the pictures make it look better than it is, there are quite a few fit issues with this kit which required filler, also the air inlet which on this aircraft is the focal point is v[...]

A brace of sabres

I thought we could get a series of these beauties going,the German one is the Revel kit ,actually a licence built Canadaire CL130 (correct me if I'm wrong) and the other is the Academy offering,I also have a Tamiya Mig 15 which splits to reveal[...]

Incom T65 x-wing Finemolds 1/48

If RJ Mitchell (god bless him) had been born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away he would have come up with this, Surely the X wing is the most fantastic space craft design ever.The Finemolds kit was typical of a Japanese kit maker that is[...]

Matilda tank Tamiya 1/35

I don't usualy build armour but I have always loved the Matilda tank.They were actualy built at Vulcan works a now defunct railway engine company about 5 miles from where I live, the workers cottages are still there called Vulcan village. This i[...]

A4 Skyhawk ESCI 1/48

Some aircraft look best in certain colour schemes don't you think? the phantom looks best in U.S. navy colours,the Spitfire looks best in classic battle of Britain colours and for me the Skyhawk was born to wear Isreali 1970's camo. This kit by [...]

Gloster Pioneer 1/48

This is my rendition of the Gloster Pioneer in 1/48 scale ,I can't remember who the kit is by but it was one I had not seen before,I like to display this next the Meteor at club days.Who would have thought this funny looking bird would lead to [...]

Meteor prototype 1/48 Tamiya

This is my rendition of Tamiya's Meteor prototype,as usual with Tamiya it is a superb kit and I can vouch for the accuracy as this actual aircraft was on permanent display in the aircraft museum at RAF Cosford,although last time I was there it s[...]

Tamiya Bristol Beaufighter 1/48

Here is my rendition of this brilliant kit in response to the others posted recently,it is built OOB and is in Mediteranean colours.I love Tamiya kits the fit and build quality are always spot on ,the kit is enormous and feels nice and heavy,not[...]