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Hi,I am based in Warrington in the north west of England and usualy build 1/48 scale aircraft ,generaly WW2 and coldwar so from1939 up to around 1975 (ish !),my current main interests are anything Israeli and British fleet air arm. If anyone is interested in swapping information please feel free to get in touch.
I am a 1966 vintage and work in the Chemicals industry which is boring and usualy involves keeping some pretty nasty stuff under lock and key.
I am also a biker and am into the great outdoors, and good old fashioned rock n roll,the louder the better.

Airfix Bristol bloodhound 1/ 72

I was inspired to attempt this ancient kit after seeing one on the Airfix tribute forum built by a much better modeller than me,This kit is VERY basic with no interior ,no glazing and only a couple of decals. In order to improve it I added glazi[...]

Airfix Me 262 Prototype V3 1/72

I did once say I never build anything German but I forgot about this, I built it for a club comp with the theme of prototype/experimental aircraft.I found some footage on youtube,it is grainy and of course black and white but shows the aircraft [...]

Israeli captured MiG 17 1/48

This is my rendition of one of many MiG 17's that came into Israel's hands in 1965,there are different accounts of how this aircraft was captured,some say the pilot defected others that it was forced down in the heat of battle by superior IAF pi[...]

Hawker Hunter 1/48 Academy

Here is my rendition of the amazing Hawker Hunter,it gets back to my interest in depicting well known aircraft but operated by lesser known airforces,there's a pint in it for anyone who recognises the markings but you'll have to show up at my lo[...]

Hobbycraft Hawker Seafury 1/48

This is the Hobbycraft Seafury,built mostly OOB except for the decals which are aftermarket from Hannants in the U.K. as I didn't fancy trying to paint the black and yellow Suez conflict markings that the kit decals require,I know my limitations[...]

Classic Airframes Westland Wyvern 1/48

This is my Classic Airframes Wyvern (anyone know what a Wyvern is?) and one of my favourites,it certainly is an ungainly looking bird but I love that huge contra-rotating prop set up.This is the only Classic airframes kit I have built and consid[...]

Ever seen one like this?

In the year 2112 (sorry about that I'm a bit of a Rush fan)with the arab/Israeli conflict still rumbling on the IASDF ,thats the Israeli Air and Space Defence force for those who don't know,needed a new ultra fast interceptor and decided to go w[...]

De Haviland Chipmunk Airfix 1/72

This is my rendition of the IAF's one and only Dh Chipmunk.When the IAF decided it needed a purpose built primary trainer they obtained an example of the Chipmunk and a Fokker s.11 to be evaluated against each other, after many flight trials th[...]

WW1 Somme diorama

This is my one and only attempt at a diarama,obviously it is the Airfix 1/76 WW1 tank,I built the little tank in a weekend over christmas a few years back and then got interested in them and started to do some research and found that typically o[...]

Noorduyn Norseman C-64 1/72 Matchbox

This is my rendition of the Norseman ,one of (I believe) 20 aircraft purchased by the IAF in 1948 to be used as a general workhorse carrying up 8 passengers or 3200 pounds of cargo,it was chosen because of its rugged design and its ability to la[...]