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I am a retired trucker and retired Gunners mate (USN). I have a wife and four grown kids and 9 grand kids with one on the way.
I live in a small town 15 miles south west of Tulsa and have been for about 12 years now.
I like to model WWII and first and second generation jets.

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Hasegawa 1/32 FW 190 D-9 Jabo

I have an ongoing and serious infatuation with a few different planes from the Luftwaffe 190s and 109s, He 111 and He 219 etc.etc.etc. I found this on eBay for a real nice price, almost half the retail so I jumped on it. There are few difference[...]

1/32 Zoukei-Mura P-51

This isn't one of my best efforts to date. I fount that this kit id surely meant to be displayed guts showing. I had nothing but fit issues through out the entire build. I think the next Mustang I'll build will be the Tamiya. I can't really blam[...]

Liquatex Acrylic Inks

OK I have this friend that is in the club that I am a member of that comes up with many new and wondrous ideas, well since I am new to this hobby its wondrous to me. He was telling us how he uses these acrylic inks for most of his model painting[...]

Trumpeter Hurricane Mk IIc Trop 213 sqd.

I received this kit from a friend a while back and I started it then. That was about a year or so ago. Since then I lost some pieces, had a really bad time with my skills on the pit and the engine so there it sat, in the stash awaiting for the [...]

Scat II

I have started a new project that is going to be outlined in the WIP thread. I hope I can garner some insight and history on this plane that a tough man flew, Robin Olds. I admire his exploits and his raw candor. I am also using this HC 1/32 P-3[...]

Hasegawa 1/32 P-40K

I searched for this kit at a certain price and every place I looked it was way out of reach for me. It was when I took a moderate vacation off to go see my son in Chicago t5hat I found a little hobby shop that was out of the way in a little town[...]

Hasegawa FW 190-A8 132

My grand kids keep saying that they keep getting better and betterer,well that's the same for me in this case. All of my builds are improvements over the subsequent builds which means that I have a lot to learn. One of my many faults is getting [...]
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