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An airplane modeller from Hungary over 40, father of a beautiful little girl. I make models for about 25 years now – I’m fond of esoteric kits, neglected types and the “Golden Age”. I love altering kits and scrachbuilding too. I’m recently in 3D modeling – just started but enjoy it too 🙂

Aviatik-Berg D.I – Flashback 1:48

Hi All! It's been a while I post anything but the summer is hot and modeling time limited when You really want to go to the beach or pub garden :). This is a contract work for the newly establishing aircraft history museum in Szolnok. They orde[...]

Curtiss Condor II. “William Horlick” – ITC/Glencoe 1:81 – Byrd’s expedition plane

This is the horrible ITC Condor kit, represents Richard Evelyn Byrd's expedition plane, "The William Horlick" from 1934. The kit is a "modeling nightmare" - be aware of the one build can find on the net says: "...deep into modelling hades" :) [...]

Thank You All!

I want to say thank you for the April 2015 iModeler Award again!! The 1/48 Eduard Good Morning Danang edition F-4 arrived yesterday to my doorstep. Lot s of goodies inside for the notorius AMS modeller :) Thank You again to All of You!!!

Fiat C.R. 32 Chirri 1:50 Artiplast – With some surgery

I like the spanish civil war as a modeling subject and recently I got an I-16. I thought that tere's would be great to add a C.R.32 next to it on the self. Well the I-16 is still in the box but these things always happens when someone building m[...]

“Pachydermia” – somewhere in burma 1942 – Supermarine Walrus aka “Shagbat” finished with diorama

This is the last part of my Matchbox Walrus MK I. build. The diorama - where an elephant tows a walrus :D - finished so the name "Pachydermia" :). I made a lot effort into this kit but the ugliness and the same time somehow impressive stance o[...]

Shagbat MK I. 1:72 – Matchbox – Part 3. – making a diorama

The plan - building a Walrus in 1:72 - based on a photo I found in an article and I fell in love with the theme, an elephant tows a Walrus somewhere in Burma (well this is my third plane towing diorama so may something wrong with me :) ). The si[...]

Shagbat MK I. 1:72 – Matchbox – Part 2.

Let's continue the Walrus story. Here are some pcs pictures from the painting and further assembly stages. The Shagbat is a relatively difficult airplane to build. Every parts have it's own direction - the dihedral is different on the lower an[...]

Shagbat MK I. 1:72 – Matchbox

This is my "happy modelling became heroic modelling" attempt to have another ugly biplane in my collection. I chose the old 1/72 Matchbox/Revell Supermarine Walrus, because I had good memories about this kit from my childhood (and later a restor[...]

Granville Miller & Delackner R6H “Quod Erat Demonstratum” – 1:72 scratch

Hi! This is my next Macrobertson plane, this time the ill-fated last "true" GeeBee the R6H QED. For whose not familiar with the type (I thinkis not a suprise) the story in short: "The Gee Bee Q.E.D. ("Quod Erat Demonstrandum"), aka Gee Bee R-6[...]

Another Comet – Airfix 1:72 probably last time

Hi there! I think this is the perfect timing to introduce my 1:72 attempt to building an acceptable comet this time in red. As a Golden Age guy I must have the Macrobertson winner and Heritage's 1:48 D.H.88 was enough once for me. To tell the tr[...]