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Hi folks, I’m in my early thirties and live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I work as a cook offshore in the oil and gas industry. I’m fairly new to the rigs but previously worked as a chef in hotels and restaurants. I’m more than happy to trade cooking secrets for modelling tips!
I like to build most modelling genres although I’m more interested in modern engineering.
I have many other hobbies also. I play guitar and piano and love a bit of heavy metal. I’m keen on motor sports and enjoy driving and riding myself. On the quiet days I like a spot of fishing or a bit of quality time with the Playstation!

Sukhoi T-50 pak fa

This is the Hobbyboss 1/72 kit of the Russian prototype fifth generation fighter set to go into service in 2017. The kit has some nice little touches such as a photo etch cockpit and pitot tube but was quite difficult to put together in places[...]

WMIK Land Rover

Last quick build before I go on holiday! This is the British Army special forces version of the Land Rover, as used in Afghanistan. WMIK standing for Weapons Mounted Installation Kit, it features a 12.7mm top mounted Browning heavy machine gun a[...]

SU-47 Berkut

I've decided to abandon the idea of building all my aircraft models in 1/32 for two reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of fantastic kits in smaller scales and also there are certain historically important aircraft which have never been released i[...]

CH-47D Chinook

Eventually got the Chinook finished! Thanks very much to everyone who followed the work in progress. This is the 1/35 Trumpeter kit, and is a fair size! It was a Christmas present from Claire, not the last one, the one before, so it's been on th[...]

Shelby Cobra Jagermeister Racing

Here's a quick build before I go away back to work for the remainder of the month. Apologies again for defacing another classic. The kit was originally the Fujimi 1/24 of the Shelby 427 S/C Cobra. I threw the instruction book away and went for t[...]

Challenger Mk 1 & 2

Hi folks, I've finally got the Challenger 2 finished. Considering it was a Xmas present from the one before, not the one just gone, I seem to be a bit behind with my builds! The Mk 1 was a build from a while back and my first attempt at armour. [...]

Sauber Mercedes C9

Hi folks, this is my most recent build. It's an old Tamiya 1/24 kit of the 1989 Le Mans winning group C car. The car was a continuation of the partnership between Peter Sauber as a constructor and Mercedes as the engine builder. The number #63 c[...]

BMPT “Terminator”

Hello again! This is Meng's 1/35 kit of the Russian infantry support fighting vehicle, "The Terminator". The BMPT is a modern fire support vehicle based on the chassis of the T-90 MBT, and made it's first prototype appearance in 2002 at the Rus[...]

Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore

Hi everyone, this is Tamiya's recent 1/12 kit of Ducati's latest attempt to conquer the super bike world. Thanks to everyone who followed the work in progress, the build stages can be seen over in Groups. The kit itself was for the standard 1199[...]

SA-6 Gainful

Hi again, this is probably going to be my last article for a while as I have three different holidays planned between now and July. It's also the clearest my work bench has looked for months! This kit is in 1/35 scale from Trumpeter. The title n[...]