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I live in Norfolk, England. I’m a member of the IPMS-affiliated Norfolk Scale Model Group in Norwich, and we take part in various regional and national exhibitions throughout the year. You can find us on Facebook, at

My modelling interests centred originally around aircraft, but other projects include armour, civilian vehicles, figures, ships and dioramas, and these have achieved gold-medal standards at the British Nationals and other regional exhibitions.

I’ve had a few projects featured in photo galleries on Cybermodeler, Armorama, and Aeroscale, but find I’m never really satisfied with a completed model, and so keep building in hope of achieving that elusive ‘perfect model’.

I enjoy looking at the work of other modellers, for inspiration.

Roland D.VIb

This is Wingnut Wings' 1/32 Roland D.VIb. The machine modelled is based on 7504/18, which fell into American hands at Koblenz in November, 1918. A WIP thread is at

Aces Falling: War above the Trenches, 1918

Aces Falling: War above the Trenches, 1918 by Peter Hart Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 386 pp., illustrated (hardback). RRP £22.50 (UK) In this book, Peter Hart tells the whole tragic story of the air war in 1918. Using the voices of t[...]

Military Image References

I came across, which isn't an easy site to negotiate, but merits further attention. The Headline photo here, for instance, provides fertile ground for a quality diorama. In addition, has an enormous collecti[...]


This is a 1/10 resin bust of a Viking shieldmaiden, from Korean firm Nuts Planet. The figure is probably based on the character Lagertha in the TV series, The Vikings. Lagertha was, according to legend, a Viking shieldmaiden from what is now Nor[...]

“For the Motherland” (Reprise)

This is Stalingrad Miniatures' 1/35 resin vignette of a Russian soldier and orphan, in WW2. I bought the pair for a large, Russian-based dio, "For the Motherland", but then decided not to use them, and just put them away in primer state a couple[...]


This is Meng Models 1/35 "Pickup with ZPU-1" which we all recognise as a Toyota Hilux, but to spare Meng's blushes at trademark infringement the vehicle retains the somewhat coy, more genralised 'pickup' moniker. I'm posting this in 'Armor', bu[...]

Matilda Swann – Steam Wars

This is a Steampunk conversion of two 1/35 injection kits. As a 'named' subject, it may well belong in the 'Figures' category, or, 'Armor', given that the original vehicle is a military model, but I've included it here in 'Sci-Fi' instead, becau[...]

Mig 23 – End of Empire

The Fall of Rome The piers are pummelled by the waves; In a lonely field the rain Lashes an abandoned train; Outlaws fill the mountain caves. Fantastic grow the evening gowns; Agents of the Fisc pursue Absconding [...]

Mitsubishi A6M5 Type 52, Rei-Sen

This is the beautiful 1/32 Tamiya model of the iconic IJN fighter. The model is depicted as a toughnut veteran of Pacific sun and salt air, Rabaul Fighter Group, New Britain, 1943-44. Principal paint finishes are White Ensign enamels, over Alcl[...]

British Lancer, France 1914

This is a 120mm resin casting of a mounted Lancer in the first months of the Great War (product ref 5201, £49.99), from Victory Miniatures of Gloucester, England. I ran a short WIP thread in Figures, if anyone is interested in the background t[...]