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I live in Norfolk, England. I’m a member of the IPMS-affiliated Norfolk Scale Model Group in Norwich, and we take part in various regional and national exhibitions throughout the year. You can find us on Facebook, at

My modelling interests centred originally around aircraft, but other projects include armour, civilian vehicles, figures, ships and dioramas, and these have achieved gold-medal standards at the British Nationals and other regional exhibitions.

I’ve had a few projects featured in photo galleries on Cybermodeler, Armorama, and Aeroscale, but find I’m never really satisfied with a completed model, and so keep building in hope of achieving that elusive ‘perfect model’.

I enjoy looking at the work of other modellers, for inspiration.

Royal Caroline, 1749 (Completed)

I've posted previous Headlines articles about this wooden ship model (Panart 1/47), as recently as a month ago, even though it wasn't a completed project. This was because as a two-year, intermittent build, there wasn't enough momentum for it to[...]

Royal Caroline, 1749 (end of construction phase)

This is the British yacht, “Royal Caroline (1749)”, a 1:47 scale wooden ship, from Panart. Some of you may recall previous postings of this ship in earlier phases. An intermittent project, revisited for a week or so every few months, it's alway[...]

For the Motherland!

Multimedia installation on a Russian theme. За Родину!

USS Enterprise

Five miles from my house is Snetterton Park. It's now better known for its raceway, where many Formula One drivers trained in their early careers. Originally, it was Snetteron Heath, a B-17 base in WW2, home of the 96th Bomb Group. There's also [...]

Telford (Captain’s Log Supplemental) 3

Third of three photo files.

Telford (Captain’s Log Supplemental) 2

Second of three photo files.

Telford (Captain’s Log Supplemental) 1

Further to Martin's recent series of photos, I include three files of miscellaneous images taken over the weekend, to give you a 'flavour' of the event. Any photos of the main halls themselves were taken before public admission times so only tra[...]

Grenadier, Sixth Army, Stalingrad 1942-43 (Repost)

Continuing the recent figure-painting theme, this is the last in my current series of larger scale resin figures, in this case, a 120mm (1/16) German Grenadier sculpted by Jeff Shiu (Jeff Shiu Minatures). The only addition has been the weapon's [...]

Model Engineering & Model Making Exhibition – Part 2

Notes as Part 1 (P.S. - Apologies that some of the images are a little out of focus).

Model Engineering & Model Making Exhibition – Part 1

The first annual Lowestoft (Suffolk) Model Engineering and Model Making Exhibition took place this weekend. As the name suggests, it was principally hand-built modelling based on steam/traction/clockwork mechanisms. One of our club members is al[...]