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I’m retired after a long public service career. I’ve enjoyed model building, seems my entire life. It was only after a visit to the Evergreen air museum in McMinnville years ago that I discovered the world of IPMS shows, and a bunch of model geeks that share my beloved hobby. I’ve never looked back. This is just plane fun.

Tamiya 1/48 scale DeHavilland Mosquito MK VI

Depiction: 605 squadron / 100 bomber support group. Bradwell Bay Essex England 1943. Pilot Leader: Heath One of the aircraft that is probably on everybody's list of their top favorite aircraft of WWII, and what's not to like. The beautiful sou[...]

Tamiya 1/48 scale Nakajima, Gekko Night Fighter Type 11 Late version

Originally designed as a long range fighter, the Nakajima Irving (as it was know as) was soon outclassed by other fighters. It was relegated to recon duties primarily, until a field design modification proved its worthiness as a night fighter. [...]

Tamiya 1/72 scale P-47D

Pilot: Lt. Robert E. Wagner 9th AF 510th FS - 405th FG. St. Dizier France 1944. I actually do build other aircraft, but P-47s are just so much fun, especially when the kits are this nice ! For this build, I used Alclad Dura aluminum, high[...]

Tamiya 1/72 scale P-47D

This project begin while researching an uncle in our family who flew with the 56th FG. I had discovered a personal photograph of Lt. David Mauldin (56th FG, 61st FS) inscribed to our uncle. Lt. Mauldin's P-47 carried the name "Upstairs with Maul[...]

Hasegawa 1/72 scale P-51B

Most of us who build World War II aircraft, started out being interested in the ace's. Therefore most of us have cranked out a Don Gentile "Shangri-La" P-51B. As the story goes, Don Gentile slammed his beloved aircraft into the runway, doing v[...]

Tamiya 1/72 scale F4U-1 Corsair

"Marines Dream", has always been one of those scheme's I've always wanted in my display case. The decals are BarracudaCals (sheet #BC72152). A great decal sheet ! I added some Eduard PE seatbelts and wired the engine, "this can cause blindness [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 scale He 111 H-6

This model was a lot of fun to build and was one of the reasons I became interesting in this scale. I purchased this kit when it first came out, it was a special edition version that contained some photo-etch, that included seatbelts and some [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 scale Nakajima C6N1 Myrt

As I built this project I couldn't help but recall an incident that my father told me about while he was stationed at the seaplane base on Saipan, at Tanapag harbor during World War 2. A fleet of U.S. war ships had entered the harbor and remai[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 scale Aichi D3A2 Val

As with most model guys, I strive to find that different and / or unusual scheme , that sparks a little more interest or attraction to one's project. Scanning books and the internet for Japanese aircraft, especially those few samples th[...]

Tamiya 1/72 scale FG-1A Goodyear

This particular aircraft was a Test plane used for airframe test for the F2G air scoop. The only know photograph of it was taken May 9,1944 and was taken at a low angle, making it difficult to get an accurate estimation of the actual dimensions [...]