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student from Germany

Fujimi 1/700 IJN Maya

Hi! I recently finished my smallest but also most difficult build yet. Fujimi´s kit is great but I really underestimated the time such a tiny model would consume. I added Fujimis PE parts and I´m quite happy with the result! The Bismarck you see[...]

Tamiya He 219 1/48

Hey! It´s been a while as I simply did not have enough time for modelling the last months. Here you can see my latest built though the exhaust flame dampers are still missing. The kit itself is really good but also quite expensive with something[...]

Me 262 1/32 Trumpeter

Hey! My name is Moritz I´m from Germany and I am 18 years old. This is my first upload so I would love to get some responses! The model is my Messerschmitt 262 in 1/32 by Trumpeter which is now about 2 years old. It was also the first model I fi[...]